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3. Mathematical Skills (3 hours) 

This requirement will remain unchanged. It will include the following courses to be taught by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics:

MATH 101M, Mathematics for Critical Thinking
MATH 102M, College Algebra
MATH 162M, Pre-Calculus I
STAT 130M, Elementary Statistics


  • Logical Reasoning: Students will be able to interpret sentences to contain the logical connectives "and," "or," "some," "all" and "none." They will be able to use deductive reasoning to draw conclusions from a series of statements and to identify appropriate generalizations or trends.
  • Computational Skills: Students will develop facility in the language and symbols of mathematics and will be able to perform basic calculations and operations related to the application of mathematics or statistics.
  • Data Interpretation: Students will be able to read and interpret visual displays of quantitative information such as bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, pictographs, and tables. They will be able to use them to make predictions and draw inferences from the data.
  • Problem Solving: Students will be able to read a word problem, set up the necessary equations that describe the problem, solve these equations using basic quantitative techniques and interpret or draw a conclusion from the solution.
  • Quantitative Modeling: Students will be able to model physical and natural phenomena and assess validity of a model, make predictions from the model and draw conclusions based on the model.