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4. Oral Communication Skills (3 hours) 

This requirement should be retained with emphasis on public speaking. Additional focus should be placed on making public presentations with digital visual software, such as PowerPoint, in COMM 100R. This would include skills in choosing visual content, protocols for audience interaction and elements of good design. It is expected that this requirement will be fulfilled by courses taught by the Department of Communication and Theater Arts. Departments may designate any R course that is appropriate to specific programs. The requirement may be fulfilled within the major through a 3-credit specialized course, or a combination of course that meet the prescribed outcomes.

COMM 100R, Public Speaking
COMM 103R, Voice and Diction
COMM 112R, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Upon completing the lower division oral communications course(s), students will be able to:

  • relate the principles of public speaking to a variety of extemporaneous speech situations
  • develop skill in researching a topic for a speech or professional presentation
  • prepare and organize the content for a speech or professional presentation
  • improve the use of language in conveying messages
  • develop critical analysis while listening to speeches and professional presentations
  • deliver appropriate speeches and professional presentations using digital visual software with increased skill and confidence
  • develop an understanding of the communication styles and strategies of others
  • Enhance the ability to express oneself with empathy and sensitivity, as well as with assertiveness.