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5. Information Literacy and Research Skills (3 hours) 

This requirement will follow the competency standards recommended by the American Library Association. It will replace the current Computer Literacy requirement. The requirement will instruct students to use search engines and information sources effectively and provide them with skills in information retrieval, filtering, formatting, and presentation. It will demonstrate how to discern between reliable and unreliable sources. The requirement may be fulfilled within the major through a 3-credit specialized course, or a combination of courses that meet the prescribed outcomes. All departments, including the Library, are welcome to generate a generic course that would be open to all students.

Upon completing the lower division information literacy and research course(s), students will be able to:

  • determine the nature and extent of the information needed for research
  • access information effectively and efficiently
  • critically evaluate information and information sources, such as library databases, collections or websites appropriate to the field of research
  • use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose or to complete a specific project
  • understand the economic, social, legal and ethical issues surrounding the access and use of information
  • use information ethically and lawfully.

Information Literacy modules, including multimedia elements, will be available in Blackboard for use by faculty. More information is available at the University Library web site.