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PFF Certificate

PFF Committee offers a "PFF Certificate" to students who document completion of a certain number of activities related to preparing for an academic career. Completion of this certificate would not appear on the student's transcript, but could be noted on a curriculum vita as evidence of teaching preparation. Any ODU degree-seeking graduate student is eligible for the PFF Certificate. ODU adjunct and post-doctoral students are also eligible for the certificate.

Requirements for the PFF Certificate were revised in Spring 2011. Students who entered ODU prior to Fall 2011 should use the 2008 PFF Certificate Requirements. Students entering ODU in Fall 2011 or later must fulfill the 2011 PFF Certificate Requirements. To earn the PFF Certificate a student should 1) fill out the appropriate PFF Certificate Application Form, and 2) document completion of the requirements for the certificate.

Once the requirements are fulfilled students should complete either the PFF Certificate Application 2008 or the PFF Certificate Application 2011, as appropriate. The Application Form and documentation should be submitted to Dr. Elaine Justice, PFF Steering Committee Chair, ODU Psychology Department, MGB 134A. Materials will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and, if approved, a certificate will be issued.