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Degree Programs

Graduate Programs and Directors

All phone numbers, unless otherwise noted, begin with 757-683-

College of Arts and Letters
Degree Discipline GPD Phone
Ph.D Criminology Mona Danner 5931
Ph.D. English Joyce Neff 6875
Ph.D International Studies Regina Karp 5700
MFA Creative Writing Luisa Igloria 3929
Master's Applied Linguistics, MA Joanne Scheibman 3879
Master's Applied Sociology, MA Dianne Carmody 3801
Master's English, MA Joseph Cosco 5473
Master's History, MA Ingo Heidbrink 3656
Master's Humanities, MA Jeffrey Jones 3719
Master's International Studies, MA Regina Karp 5700
Master's Music Education, MME Nancy Klein 4067


College of Business and Public Administration
Degree Discipline GPD Phone
Ph.D Business Administration, Ph.D. John B. Ford 3587
Ph.D. Public Administration & Urban Policy, Ph.D. John Morris 6555
Master's Accounting, M.S. Yin Xu 3554
Master's Business Administration, M.B.A. Larry Filer 3574
Master's Economics, M.A. David Selover 3541
Master's Public Administration, M.P.A. William Leavitt 5690
Global Executive MBA Program William Judge 6730


Darden College of Education
Discipline Degree GPD Phone


Ph.D. in Counseling

Ted Remley

Ed.S. Counseling
M.S.Ed. Counseling
Community College Leadership Ph.D. in Community College Leadership Mitchell Williams 6693
Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Charlene Fleener 4387
Early Childhood Education Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education Andrea Debruin-Parecki 6759
M.S. Ed. Early Childhood Education for PK-3 Licensure Charlene Fleener 5161
Educational Leadership Ph.D. in Educational Leadership Bill Owings 4954
Ed.S. Educational Leadership
M.S.Ed. Educational Leadership with PreK-12 Licensure
M.S.Ed. Field-Based Elementary/Middle School for Licensed Teachers Bob Lucking 5545
M.S.Ed. Field-Based Secondary for Licensed Teachers
Field-Based Masters Programs
Higher Education Ph.D. in Higher Education Dennis Gregory 3702
Ed.S. Higher Education
M.S.Ed. Higher Education
Instructional Design and Technology Programs Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology Gary Morrison 6257
M.S.Ed. Elementary/Middle School Instructional Design and Technology
M.S.Ed. Secondary Instructional Design and Technology
Library Science M.S.Ed. K-12 Endorsement for licensed teachers Carol Doll 3222
M.S.Ed. Initial Licensure for non-teachers
Library Science Endorsement for licensed teachers (non-degree)
Military Career Transition Program Military Career Transition Program Robert Lucking 5545
Occupational and Technical Studies Ph.D. in Education John Ritz 5226
Physical Education M.S.Ed. Athletic Training Bonnie VanLunen 3516
M.S.Ed. Exercise Science and Wellness David Swan 6028
Ph.D. in Human Movement Science Bonnie VanLunen 3516
M.S.Ed. Recreation and Tourism Studies Edwin Gomez 6309
M.S.Ed. Physical Education and Health Education Curriculum and Instruction (PreK-12) Robert Spina 3545
M.S.Ed. Sport Management Bob Case 5962
PreK-6 (Elementary) and Middle School Programs PreK-6 (Elementary) and Middle School Programs Charlene Fleener 4584
Reading Education Ph.D. Literacy Leadership Charlene Fleener 4584
M.S.Ed. Reading plus Reading Specialist Endorsement Charlene Fleener 3283
Secondary Education Programs M.S.Ed. Initial State Licensure 6-12 Robert Lucking 5545
M.S.Ed. Licensed Teacher -6-12
Special Education Ph.D. in Special Education Cheryl Baker 3226
M.S.Ed. Special Education-research emphasis for currently licensed teachers
M.S.Ed. Special Education with initial K-12 licensure
Speech - Language Pathology and Audiology M.S.Ed. - Speech - Language Pathology and Audiology Nick Bountress 4117


Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Degree Discipline GPD Phone
Ph.D.,D.Eng. Aerospace Engineering Brett Newman 5860
Ph.D.,D.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering Isao Ishibashi 4641
Ph.D Electrical and Computer Engineering Oscar Gonzales 4967
Ph.D Engineering Management Ghaith Rabadi 4918
D.Eng Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Ariel Pinto 4218
Ph.D,D.Eng. Mechanical Engineering Gene Hou 3728
Ph.D,D.Eng. Modeling and Simulation Roland Mielke 4570
Master's Aerospace Engineering Brett Newman 5860
Master's Civil Engineering Isao Ishibashi 4641
Master's Electrical and Computer Engineering Oscar Gonzales 4967
Master's Engineering Management Shannon Bowling 3179
Master's Environmental Engineering Isao Ishibashi 4641
Master's Experimental Methods Colin Britcher 4916
Master's Mechanical Engineering Gene Hou 3728
Master's Modeling and Simulation Roland Mielke 4570
Master's Motorsports Engineering Colin Britcher 4916
Master's Systems Engineering Ariel Pinto 4218


College of Health Sciences
Degree Discipline GPD Phone
Ph.D Health Services Research, Ph.D. George Maihafer 4519
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy D.P.T. Martha Walker 4519
Master's Community Health M.S.W/ an Emphasis in Environmental Health Anna Jeng 4594
Master's Dental Hygiene  M.S. Gayle McCombs 5150
Master's Nurse Administrator M.S.N Laurel Shepherd 5250
Master's Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN Michah Scott 5255
Master's Nurse Educator, MSN Kimberly Curry Lourenco 5261
Master's Womens Health Nurse Practitioner, MSN Kathleen Putnam 5256
Master's Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, MSN Nathaniel Apatov 4297
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP Carolyn Rtledge 5009
Master's Public Health M. P. H. James English 4259


College of Sciences
Degree Discipline GPD Phone
Ph.D Biomedical Sciences Ph.D Robert Ratzlaff 4361
Ph.D Chemistry , Ph.D. Craig Bayse 4101
Ph.D Computational & Applied Math Ph.D. Richard Noren 3889
Ph.D Computer Science Ph.D. M Zubair 3917
Ph.D Ecological Sciences Ph.D. Ian Bartol 4737
Ph.D Oceanography Ph.D. Peter Sedwick 4936
Ph.D Physics Ph.D. Lepsha Vuskovic 4611
Ph.D Psychology Ph.D. Bryan Porter 4458
Psy.D. Clinical Psychology Psy.D. Louis Janda 4211
Master's Biology  M.S. Robert Ratzlaff 4361
Master's Chemistry M.S. Craig Bayse 4101
Master's Computational & Applied Math M.S. Richard Noren 3889
Master's Computer Science M.S. Ravi Mukkamala 3901
Master's Ocean and Earth Science M.S. Peter Sedwick 5329
Master's Physics M.S. Lepsha Vuskovic 4611
Master's Psychology M.S. Louis Janda 4211