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What is a Learning Community?

At Old Dominion, learning communities are groups of students who connect what they're learning with what they want to do:  their majors, career choices, or their hopes for a better world.

Learning Community students take one or more courses together and may live in the same residence hall.

You Will Learn

  • how to apply knowledge and skills in new settings.
  • how to succeed in a college environment.
  • how to develop skills prized by employers.

What types of activities do Learning Communities do?

  • Study groups:  informal or formal gatherings with your classmates
  • Career exploration:  field trips, guest speakers, etc.
  • Hands-on experience and service-learning:  applying classroom learning to real-world situations
  • Social activities:  attend events (have dinners with each other and professors, hang out with each other)
  • Community service projects:  get involved and help the community
  • Contact with students who have similar academic goals
  • Common courses
  • Common place of residence (Living Learning Communities)
  • Career exploration
  • Introduction to university resources
  • Peer mentoring and/or tutoring
  • Faculty mentoring