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Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program Site Grants

The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Programs (URAP) Site Grant program provides seed funding for colleges or departments to develop or expand undergraduate research opportunities. URAP sites have a well-defined common focus that enables a cohort experience for students. These projects may be based in a single discipline or department, or on interdisciplinary or multi-department research opportunities. Funding for each URAP site is limited to $22,000 per year and may be renewable for up to 3 years. In Spring 2011, the Undergraduate Research Program approved the first two awards for this new funding program. (Link to application information for URAP site grants).

Research for Undergraduates in Math and Science (RUMS)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Biological Sciences
Summer 2011 

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Holly Gaff (Biology), Dr. David Gauthier (Biology), Dr. Jin Wang (Math)

RUMS is an intensive 2 yr. research experience for undergraduates at the interface between math and biology. The first class of RUMS students began the program in Summer of 2011. Students accepted into the program became part of an ODU research laboratory and learned laboratory skills, designed experiments, wrote grants, and presented their own work.  This program provides students  a valuable opportunity to get real-world experience in a research laboratory, work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary math/biology project involving diseases of wildlife, and earn a small stipend.  (link to RUMS website)

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP)Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Fall & Spring 2011

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Debra Major, Dr. Richard Landers, Dr. Konstantin Cigularov

The Old Dominion University Industrial/Organizational Psychology program is seeking out qualified undergraduate students to assist with ground-breaking re-search. Undergraduate Research Apprentices (URAs) will have the unique opportunity to play an active role in current re-search studies, gain valuable insight into the research process, create and develop their own research ideas, and establish working relationships with department mentors. (Link to I/O URAP website)

Apprentices will have the opportunity to :

  • Help with literature reviews
  • Assist with data collection, entry, and analysis
  • Attend weekly URAP seminars
  • Develop graduate school application materials
  • Create and present a research proposal