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Surface Warfare

The successful Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) is a leader first. All midshipmen who choose Surface Warfare can look forward to a challenging career as a member of the Navy's oldest warfare community. Your job will be to manage and motivate personnel, assuming responsibility for multimillion-dollar systems and equipment while gaining valuable insight from traveling the world.

While the U.S. Navy has the most technically and tactically advanced defense and war-fighting capabilities on land, in the air, and under the sea, the mainstay of the force is the vast fleet of aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, dock landing ships, and other surface vessels. These ships and their crews are commanded and managed by an elite group of ship drivers and war fighters.Surface Warfare Officers are involved in virtually every aspect of Navy missions. Antisubmarine warfare, antiair warfare, antisurface warfare, land attack, theatre air missile defense, support for Marine Corps and Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) missions, communications, damage control, and shipboard management all rely on the knowledge and expertise of Officers in the Surface Warfare community. During a sea tour, Surface Warfare Officers may be in charge of any number of shipboard operations and activities and may work with or within the following forces:

Your first tour:

A newly commissioned Ensign fortunate enough to service select to Surface Warfare will receive orders to their first ship approximately two months prior to graduation. Once onboard, you will be assigned responsibilities as a Division Officer while working to qualify as an Officer Of the Deck (Underway). Your initial duty will be as a Division Officer in operations, engineering, combat systems, or deck departments where you will work on the essential skills required to become a professional mariner, such as standing in-port and underway watches and managing the various administrative duties of a ship operating at sea. The majority of your training will be completed on the job and through the Division Officer's At-Sea-Curriculum. This computer-based training uses shipboard evolutions and experience as a training tool for newly commissioned officers. Once the OOD (Underway) letter is attained, you will be assigned a billet at Surface Warfare Officers School Command (SWOSCOM) and attend the Surface Warfare Officer School (SWOS) located in Newport, Rhode Island. The Division Officer Course is a 3 week "leveling" course where you will train with division officers from other ships with different levels of experience. Lesson areas include Combat Systems, Maritime Warfare Areas, Engineering, Division Officer Administration, Fleet Support, Damage Control, and Shiphandling Simulators. Upon completing this course of study, you will return to your ship to complete the requirements for attaining a SWO pin.

The Surface Warfare community is full of history and tradition as well as a strong commitment to the defense of the country and the support of its obligations around the world.