Hampton Roads NROTC




Friday, Feb 24, HRNROTC formed for PT with already a sense of accomplishment. Because the consortium had pooled together during the holiday season to donate 250 toys to the Toys for Tots foundation, all could rest easy knowing they had given back to the community. The group was rewarded with a light workout, and competitive dodgeball to finish out the session. Congratulations to Bravo Company for taking home the Golden Boot!

SWO Club Tours Dunham

On Saturday, 25 February 2012, the Blue and Gold (Surface Warfare) Club toured the Guided Missile Destroyer JA-SON DUNHAM (DDG 109) at Naval Station Norfolk. ENS Bryce Yost, a former STA-21 of HRNROTC, and ENS Omar Amaktari lead the tour around the ship on a windy and cold but fine Navy morning! The club toured the shipís Vertical Launch System (VLS) topside, forecastle, bridge, Command Infor-mation Center (CIC), Wardroom, Mess Deck, and Command Systems Center (CSC) to name a few. Throughout the tour, ENSís Amaktari and Yost described the daily life of a Division Officer at-tempting to get Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) qualified; "To qualify for OOD [Officer of the Deck, a staple requirement to be SWO], plan to sleep less and work hard, however once you get OOD, that feeling of accomplishment definitely justifies losing sleep" stated ENS Amaktari. This statement was highly motivating to the members of the club because in the SWO community, hard work really pays off. The Blue and Gold Club, along with Pierce Scribner, a Kecoughtan High School student who is interested in joining the Navy, thanked ENSís Yost and Amaktari for the wonder-ful tour of the ship.

DUNHAM is the 59th Arleigh-Burke-class de-stroyer and commis-sioned on 13 November 2010, giving a unique op-portunity for the club to tour such a new destroy-er. DUNHAM is commanded by CDR David A. Bretz and is a part of Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 28.



Bleeding Blue & Gold

By donating, you could save a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman and their loved ones. The Armed Forces Blood Drive is a Blood Drive where the donations of blood go to military families only. The result of the Blood Drive was fantastic this year as many members of the HRNROTC went to go donate blood to help our servicemen and women in their time of need. When asked about blood donations, MIDN 1/C Benning, replied "I feel good that I can give back to fellow service members in need." Most people would agree with MIDN Benningís words in helping our service members in need. You never know when it might be you or your loved one in need of that blood donation. For Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Stevenson, itís all part of her job going around and taking blood for the ser-vice members. She works with the military and civilians alike to ensure our military gets the best treatment. When asked about the program, she responded "Itís a good program thatís great for military families that allows to keep blood in the same community." HM1 Stevenson was there during the dona-tions to make sure everything ran smoothly. Inside the donors were treated very respectfully and given the chance to feel good about their deeds. After donating, the donors were given snacks for their blood pressure. Once they were all finished, the donors had to stay for an addition 10-15 minutes to make sure they were feeling good enough to leave, one donor, Officer Candidate Neal, isnít his first time donating blood. But it is the first time heís donated to a military only blood drive. When asked about how he felt he responded "If itís going to help someone live, why not?" All of us can agree that the Armed Forces Blood Drive is truly a wonderful program. And the next time theyíre in time, you all should donate! It means so much to the men and women who serve our wonderful nation.


OCís Offer Words of Wisdom

In an annual effort to spread the word about all that the Seaman-to-Admiral program has to offer, a brief is held each year to educate Fleet Sailors on the benefits and requirements of several enlisted commissioning opportunities, with particular focus on the STA-21 program. As recent selectees and subject matter experts on the topic, Officer Candidates from NROTC Hampton Roads are often asked to attend the brief to provide any information that may be beneficial to a sailor applying to the program. The brief is usually headed by its organizer, LT David Boisselle (Ret) , who has years of experience compiling and reviewing application packages for these programs. CDR Evan Hipsley, a prior enlisted sailor, also came to lend his words of guidance. However, the highlight of the brief came when each Officer Candidate in attendance stood up to speak about their personal experiences and lessons learned during the application process. Among those in attendance were OC Richardson, OC Collette, OC Stagg, OC Dahl, OC Roberts, OC Fair, OC Odume, and OC Gregorich, all of whom had very different words of advice for the audience stemming from their own experiences. After the conclusion of the brief, each member of the audience was able to approach the OCs, to ask their own personal questions and get more individualized input. The OCs represented the battalion and the Navy well, with professionalism and pride, and their sincere interest in helping the sailors was appreciated by all in attendance. For the sailors who attended the brief, it was a motivating and beneficial experience. For the Officer Candidates, it was an opportunity to reach out and mentor sailors beyond the battalion, and give others the kind of guidance that got them to NROTC Hampton Roads!

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