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ProFacts welcomes post-announcements from faculty and staff on matters relating to professional achievements. Items may be submitted for the following categories: Appointments/Elections, Awards, Books, Certification, Commissions, Degrees, Exhibitions, Papers, Performances, Presentations and Publications. Announcements will appear on a space-available basis in the order they are received. Submissions may be mailed (Courier Editor, 100 New Administration Bldg.), faxed (683-5501) or e-mailed: For a copy of a ProFacts form, call 683-3093.


DESMOND C. COOK, professor of physics, appointed by the American Iron and Steel Institute and the Federal Highway Administration to the U.S. High Performance Steel Corrosion Advisory Committee. The committee reviews the corrosion of steel bridges located in regions of the country which are subjected to road de-icing or marine salts.

THOMAS J. SOCHA, University Professor of communication, appointed editor of the Journal of Family Communication.


JOHN B. FORD, professor of marketing and international business, Best Paper of the Conference award, including a $1,000 prize from the Direct Marketing Association, for "Perceptual Determinants of Donor Value," published in Proceedings of the 12th Annual Robert B. Clarke Direct Marketing Educators' Conference (with Adrian Sargeant, lead author, and Douglas C. West). Also, the Best Paper in the Social, Public Sector, Nonprofit and Cause-related Marketing Track award for "Predicting Donor Value: The Role of Perceptions," published in vol. 16 of Marketing in the Century Ahead: Proceedings of the 2000 Atlantic Marketing Association (with Sargeant, lead author, and West).

STEPHEN K. MEDVIC, assistant professor of political science, a Service to Commonwealth Award from Common Cause of Virginia for his work on public opinion on campaign finance reform in Virginia.


EDWARD JACOBS, associate professor of English, "Accidental Migrations: An Archaeology of Gothic Discourse." Bucknell University Press. 2000.

GLEN SUSSMAN, chair of political science and geography, and Byron W. Daynes, Brigham Young University, "The American Presidency and the Social Agenda." Prentice Hall. 2001.


WILLIAM G. CUNNINGHAM, professor of educational leadership and counseling, "The Political Implications of Superintendent Candidate Searches: Expanding the Pipeline" at the University Council for Educational Administration 2000 Annual Convention in Albuquerque, N.M.

PERRY M. DUNCAN, associate professor, and GLENN GRASSO, master's student, psychology, "Ethanol Relieves Hypoglycemia-related Anxiety as Indicated by Elevated Plus-Maze Behavior" at the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans.

GARY R. EDGERTON, chair of communication and theatre arts, "Ken Burns's (Re)production of 'Thomas Jefferson' (1997): Finding a Place for Popular History Alongside Professional History" at the American Presidency on Film Conference, co-sponsored by the Film & History League and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Westlake, Calif.

KEVIN H. JOHANNESSON, assistant professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, and four co-authors, "'Rock-Like' Versus 'Seawater-Like' REE Signatures of Groundwaters" at the 112th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Reno, Nev.

WILLIAM B. JONES, associate professor of philosophy and religious studies, "Boylan's Approach to the Foundations of Environmental Ethics" at the 61st Annual Meeting of the Virginia Philosophical Association at George Mason University.

DAVID D. SELOVER, assistant professor of economics, "International Interdependence and Business Cycle Transmission Between Turkey and the European Union" at the International Atlantic Economic Conference in Charleston, S.C. Also, "Industrial Sector Mock-Locking and Business Cycle Formation" at the Southern Economics Association Conference in Arlington, Va.

PAUL L. STEPANOVICH, assistant professor of community health professions, "Measuring Internal Alignment: A Pilot Conjoint Study" at the Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management annual conference in San Diego. He also participated on the panel "System Thinking: Ackoff, History and Worldviews" and served as a paper discussant.

ALOK K. VERMA, associate professor of engineering technology, "Effect of Various Parameters on the Efficacy of Cutting Process in Abrasive Jet Machining" at the ASME International Congress in Orlando, Fla.

G. RICHARD WHITTECAR, associate professor, and KAREN SHAMONSKY, graduate student, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Geomorphic Evolution of Fresh-water Tidal Wetlands, Mattaponi River, Coastal Plain of Virginia" at the 112th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Reno, Nev.


ABDEL M. AGAMI, professor of accounting, Decisions for Acquisitions: Mergers National and International" at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Association for Global Business in Orlando, Fla. Also, "Cash Flow Model for Mergers and Acquisitions" at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business, Southeastern Region, in Orlando. He also served as a discussant.

ELIF DEMIR, student; MARTINA DOBLIN and LISA DRAKE, postdoctoral research associates of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences and FRED C. DOBBS, associate professor of OEAS; "Assessment of Heat Treatment to Reduce Risk of Microbial Introductions via Ballast Water" at the 2000 Virginia Branch of the American Society for Microbiology meeting at Hampden-Sydney College.

JOHN R. DONAT, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and DAVID J. BURDIGE, professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Complexation, Speciation and Sediment-Water Cycling of Copper in a Major U.S. Harbor - Elizabeth River, Va." at the Second Workshop on the Chemistry, Toxicity and Bioavailability of Copper and Their Relationship to Regulation in the Marine Environment, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, Annapolis, Md.

LUXIEN X. LOMBARDO, professor of sociology and criminal justice, "The Matrix and General Education at Old Dominion University: A Discussion of Substance and Process of Interdisciplinary Educational Reform" at the 40th Annual Conference of the Association for General and Liberal Studies in Chicago. Also, "Problems, Meaning-Making and Relevance: A Personal Journey to an Interdisciplinary Career" at the 2000 Association for Integrative Studies Conference in Portland, Ore.

FREDERICK A. LUBICH, chair of foreign languages and literatures, "Thomas Mann's 'Zauberberg': Orcus Uterus - Con-Text - Cyberspace" at the International Thomas Mann Colloquium in Lübeck, Germany. The presentation was also featured in the newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten on Oct. 27.

J. PAUL RICHARDSON, student; FRED C. DOBBS, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences; and MOUNIR LAROUSSI, research assistant professor at the Applied Research Center; "Germicidal Effects of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on Escherichia Coli and Bacillus Subtilis" at the 2000 Virginia Branch of the American Society for Microbiology meeting at Hampden-Sydney College.

FRANK K. THOMSON III, student, and FRED C. DOBBS, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, an undergraduate poster, "Evaluation of the Relative Ability of Three Biological Microplates (GN, GN2 and ECO) to Delineate Microbial Communities in Aquatic Environments" at the 2000 Virginia Branch of the American Society for Microbiology meeting at Hampden-Sydney College.

ALOK K. VERMA, associate professor of engineering technology, "India - Land and People" at the Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth.

DICK WHALEN, director of military activities, "University Navy Distance Learning Report" at the annual conference of the Navy College, "Program for Afloat Education," in Pensacola, Fla.


NANCY TOPPING BAZIN, professor emeritus of English, "The Gender Revolution" in "The Politics of Women's Studies: Testimony from Thirty Founding Mothers," edited by Florence Howe; New York: Feminist Press, 2000. A conference featuring essayists included in this volume was held Dec. 1-2 in New York City.

DESMOND C. COOK, professor of physics, "Atmospheric Corrosion in Marine Environments Along the Gulf of Mexico" in "Marine Corrosion in Tropical Environments," published by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Co-authors include the late ANN C. VAN ORDEN (mechanical engineering), to whom the book is dedicated.

FRED C. DOBBS, associate professor, and LISA A. DRAKE, postdoctoral research associate, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Global Spread of Microorganisms by Ships" in volume 408 of Nature (with five co-authors).

PERRY M. DUNCAN, associate professor of psychology, "Conditioned Compensatory Response to Ethanol as Indicated by Locomotor Activity in Rats" in vol. 11, no. 5 of Behavioural Pharmacology." Co-authors are former master's student TEVFIK ALICI and and former undergraduate student JOHN D. WOODWARD.

GARY R. EDGERTON, chair of communication and theatre arts, "Ken Burns's Rebirth of a Nation: Television, Narrative and Popular History" in "The Historical Film: History and Memory in Media," edited by Marcia Landy, Rutgers University Press, 2000.

JOHN B. FORD, professor of marketing and international business, "Consumer Ethnocentrism, Materialism and Values: A Four-Country Study" in vol. 10 of Marketing Theory and Applications: The Proceedings of the American Marketing Association Annual Winter Educators' Conference (with co-authors Irvine Clarke III and Mahesh N. Shankarmahesh). Also, "Towards a Model of Donor Behavior" in vol. 10 of Enhancing Knowledge Development in Marketing: The Proceedings of the American Marketing Association Annual Summer Educators' Conference (with co-authors Adrian Sargeant and Douglas G. West).

JOHN R. HOLSINGER, eminent scholar of biological sciences, a chapter, "Ecological Derivation, Colonization and Speciation," in "Subterranean Ecosystems," no. 30 in Elsevier's Ecosystems of the World series.

LUISA A. IGLORIA, visiting associate professor of English, an essay, "Soup, Coffee, Poetry and Love," and two poems, "Mangosteen" and "Ancestral Home," in "Feats and Feasts," edited by Jonathan Chua, Ateneo de Manila University Press.

DANIELLE S. MCNAMARA, assistant professor of psychology, and Alice F. Healy, University of Colorado at Boulder, "A Procedural Explanation of the Generation Effect for Simple and Difficult Multiplication Problems and Answers" in vol. 43 of Journal of Memory and Language.

DUC T. NGUYEN, professor of civil engineering, "Computational Aspects of Linear Programming Simplex Method" in vol. 31, nos. 8-9 of Advances in Engineering Software Journal (co-authors are YU BAI, former visiting scholar from China; J. QIN, former postdoctoral researcher; and YUSONG HU, a doctoral student). Also in that issue, "Vectorized Sparse Unsymmetrical Equation Solver for Computational Mechanics" (lead co-author is H. B. RUNESHA, a former doctoral student).

JAMES G. SANDERS, chair of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Factors that Influence the Accumulation of Copper and Cadmium by Transplanted Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in the Patuxent River, Maryland" in vol. 49 of Marine Environmental Research (with G. R. Abbe and G. F. Riedel). Also, "Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Trace Elements in the Patuxent River: A Whole Watershed Approach" in vol. 23 of Estuaries (with four co-authors).

MELVIN H. WILLIAMS, eminent scholar emeritus of exercise science, physical education and recreation, "Smoking, Alcohol, Ergogenic Aids, Doping and the Endurance Performer" in the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission Series book "Endurance in Sport," edited by R. J. Shephard, M.D., and P. O. Astrand, M.D. Oxford. Blackwell Science. 2000.

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