Drake Bliss Yoon Robertson
Drake Bliss Yoon Robertson

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for January and February. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

JULIAN ASHFORD, adjunct assistant professor, and CYNTHIA JONES, professor, biological sciences, “Spatial Structure and Connectivity in Populations of Patagonian Toothfish”; Fisheries Department, Falkland Islands Government, $56,424.

JAMES BLISS, associate professor of psychology, “Universal Reactions to Non-Lethal Weapons”; University of New Hampshire – Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center, $39,317.

CAROL CONSIDINE, assistant professor, and PAUL KAUFMANN, chair, engineering technology, “Trial Litigation Support for the Industrial Solid Waste Facility”; Resource Consultants Inc., $13,464.

GLENN COTA, research professor, Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, “Marine Bio-optical Measurement at Chesapeake Light Tower”; Science Applications International Corp., $5,000.

DANIEL DAUER, eminent scholar of biological sciences, four grants from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality: “Benthic-IBI Sampling for the Ambient Toxics Monitoring Component of the Chesapeake Bay Program”; $8,000; “Benthic Biological Monitoring of the Lower Chesapeake Bay”; $170,634; “Data Management and Data Analysis in Support of the Chesapeake Bay Program”; $114,128; and “2002 Update of Status and Trends in Water Quality and Living Resources of the Chesapeake”; $15,000. Co-PIs on the fourth grant are KENT CARPENTER, associate professor, and HAROLD MARSHALL, professor emeritus, biological sciences, and JOHN DONAT, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

AYODEJI DEMUREN, professor, and KEITH WILLIAMSON, assistant professor, mechanical engineering, “Virginia Access and Middle Atlantic geospatial Information Consortium”; Virginia Space Grant Consortium, $16,000.

LISA DRAKE, research assistant professor, FRED DOBBS, associate professor, and MARTINA DOBLIN, research assistant professor, “Aquatic Nuisance Species: Abundance of Microorganisms and Pathogens Associated with Biofilms Inside Ballaster-water Tanks and Their Capacity to Act as ‘Vertical Seed Banks’”; National Sea Grant College Program, $150,000.

FREDERICK FREEMAN, professor, PETER MIKULKA, professor, and CARRYL BALDWIN, assistant professor, psychology, “Neurophysiological and Behavioral Indices of Mental Workload as a Function of Traffic Density and Visibility”; NASA Langley Research Center, $20,000.

JOSEPH GROSEL, program manager, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Joint Battle Center Engineering and Technical Support”; Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center (Philadelphia), $121,289 and $458,344.

MOOL GUPTA, director of the Applied Research Center, “Improved Metal to Polymer Adhesion”; NASA Langley Research Center, $180,000. Also, “Modify Diamond-like Amorphous Carbon to Crystalline Structure”; Center for Innovative Technology, $8,000.

MARK HAVEY, eminent scholar of physics, “Coherent Radioactive Transport in Atomic Vapors”; National Science Foundation, $18,260.

GENE HOU, professor of mechanical engineering, “Injection Molding Process Simulations and Mechanical Stress Analysis Case Studies”; Nova Chemicals Inc., $22,500.

RAVINDRA JOSHI, professor, and KARL SCHOENBACH, eminent scholar, electrical and computer engineering, “Studies of Biological Response to External Electric Fields for Cellular Manipulation and Diagnostics Based on a Multidimensional Electromagnetic Model”; Air Force Office of Scientific Research, two grants totaling $183,800.

PAUL KAUFMANN, chair of engineering technology, “Longitudinal Study of the Market Penetration of Cockpit Weather Information Systems”; NASA Langley Research Center, $129,038.

IRWIN LEVINSTEIN, assistant professor of computer science, “Promoting Active Reading Strategies to Improve Students’ Understanding of Science”; University of Memphis, $96,802.

HAROLD MARSHALL, professor emeritus, and KNEELAND NESIUS, associate professor, biological sciences, “Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Interagency Contract 8790: Phytoplankton Monitoring Component”; Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, $101,166.

KEVIN MCCLESKEY, general manager of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Proposal to Support CNQ” and “Oracle Financial Implementation Support”; Science Applications International Corp., $85,509 and $116,938.

JENNIFER MORROW and CARRYL BALDWIN, assistant professors of psychology, “PRIDE Annual Program Evaluation Project”; Portsmouth Behavioral Healthcare Services, $6,000.

MARGARET MULHOLLAND, assistant professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, and ELIZABETH AUSTIN-MINOR, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Maryland Coastal Bays Program”; Maryland Department of Natural Resources, two grants totaling $14,000.

MARGARET MULHOLLAND, assistant professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, JOHN DONAT, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and ROSS EDWARDS, visiting assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Planning Visit: Data Gaps and Needs for Assessing Productivity, N2 Fixation and Elemental Cycling in the Indian Ocean”; National Science Foundation, $10,000.

STEPHAN OLARIU, professor, LARRY WILSON, associate professor, and ASHRAF WADDA, lecturer, computer science, “Security-related Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks”; James Madison University, $119,573.

KEITH PARKINSON, manufacturing specialist, Technology Applications Center, “Business Assessment Project”; Atlantic Marine Construction, $7,500. Also, “Product Licensing Assessment Project”; Joann Stallings, $800.

MIKEL D. PETTY, research professor, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Joint Simulation System Testing Support”; Commander, Operational and Test Evaluation Force, $2,400.

JERRY ROBERTSON, director, Technology Applications Center, “SRMA Prototype Development”; Engedi Technologies Inc., $25,000.

MARY L. SANDY, director of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, “Development and Implementation of an Airborne Mission for the Micromaps Instrument on the Proteus Aircraft”; NASA Langley Research Center, $100,000. Also, “NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program”; NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, $102,200. Also, “SCHEV/VSGC Scholarships and Fellowships”; State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, $144,500.

KARL SCHOENBACH, eminent scholar of electrical and computer engineering, “Phase II STTR – High Power, High Repetition Rate Water Switch”; Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc., $190,315.

RUTH SMITH, executive director of the Research Foundation, “JFCOM IPA – James A. Bolcar”; U.S. Joint Forces Command, $263,895. Also, “JFCOM IPA – Glenn R. Williams”; U.S. Joint Forces Command, $293,685.

RUTH SMITH, executive director of the Research Foundation, and KEVIN MCCLESKEY, general manager of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “COMPTEVFOR IPA – Guy B. Cofield, David E. Erickson and William A. Wolters”; Commander, Operational and Test Evaluation Force, three grants totaling $783,567.

ANDRES SOUSA-POZA, assistant professor of engineering management and systems engineering, “Business Process Redesign and Alignment with Standardized Quality Principles”; Virginia Die and Manufacturing Inc., $5,641.

SURENDRA TIWARI, eminent scholar of mechanical engineering, “Institute for Scientific and Educational Technology Research and Education Program: Expanding Revolutionary Research and Education Concepts”; NASA Langley Research Center, $454,948.

STEPHEN TONELSON, professor, CHERYL BAKER, lecturer, and ROBERT GABLE, eminent scholar, early childhood, speech language pathology and special education, and PAUL HEINE and JANE HAGER, associate deans of education, “Paraprofessional Preparation for Extraordinary Teaching: A Distance Learning Approach”; Virginia Department of Education, $65,00.

RICHARD WHITTECAR, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “Wetland Compensation-related Services: Review of Nottoway River Mitigation Bank Design”; Virginia Tech, $1,900.

JAEWAN YOON, associate professor, and DAVID BASCO, professor, civil and environmental engineering, “Beach Renourishment Analysis and Design at Dam Neck, Virginia”; Beach Consultants, $6,500.

STEPHEN ZAHORIAN, professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Microelectronics Support”; University of Virginia, $19,203.