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Sousa-Poza Dryer Allen Zhou

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for November and December. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

THOMAS ALLEN, associate professor of political science and geography, GUOQING ZHOU, assistant professor of engineering technology, and GEORGE OERTEL, professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “Virginia Access - Year 2”; George Mason University, $125,000.

JAMES P. BLISS, associate professor, and TERRY L. DICKINSON, professor, psychology, “Development and Validation of a Selection System for Welders: Job Analysis”; Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp., $25,000.

DAVID J. BURDIGE, professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “The Post-Cruise Analysis of Dissolved Carbohydrates in ODP LEG 201 Sediment Pore Waters”; Texas A&M University, $3,773.

MARK J. BUTLER, professor of biological sciences, “Sponges Project - SFP Program”; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, $140,093.

KENT E. CARPENTER, associate professor of biological sciences, “ODU/LOA Angola Guide”; FAO of the United Nations, $34,000.

DAVID A. DRYER, assistant professor of engineering management and systems engineering, “NASA Wallops Island Rapid Response Modeling and Simulation, Phase III: Modeling Implementation”; Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, $29,965.

P. ROSS EDWARDS, visiting assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Characterization of Carbonaceous Aerosols from Summit Greenland”; National Institute of Standards and Technology, $2,485.

JENNIFER J. FOSS, director of student health services, “American Cancer Society - Great American Smokeout, Nov. 21, 2002”; American Cancer Society, $986.

ROBERT A. GABLE, eminent scholar, and STEPHEN W. TONELSON, professor, early childhood, speech pathology and special education, “2002-2003 Statewide Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavioral Intervention”; Virginia Department of Education, $200,599.

MOOL C. GUPTA, director of the Applied Research Center, “Research Services to Investigate Methods to Produce a Single Color (E.E., Monochromatic) Diffraction Grating”; Alcoa Inc., $20,000. Also, “Monochromatic Technology, $20,000.

CHRISTOPHER K. HANNA, associate professor of communication and theatre arts, and FREDERICK BAYERSDORFER, arts assistant to the College of Arts and Letters dean, “Production of Aristophanes’ Comedy ‘Lysistrata’”; City of Norfolk, $800.

JEFFREY Y. HARLOW, director of the Social Science Research Center, “ABC Tobacco Vendor Project”; Virginia Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $21,152.

WAYNE L. HYNES, associate professor, and DANIEL E. SONENSHINE, eminent scholar emeritus, biological sciences, “How Bacteria Colonize Ticks: The Role of Antimicrobial Peptides”; National Science Foundation, $440,063.

R. BOWEN LOFTIN, director of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Master Agreement: FISC Student Faculty Support”; Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center (Philadelphia), $5,834,852. Also, with JAMES P. BLISS and MARK W. SCERBO, associate professors of psychology, “National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation”; Army Medical Research and Materials Command, $170,000.

MOUSTAFA MOUSTAFA, associate professor of engineering technology, “Development of CQM-16 Assault Rifle, Phase II”; Mission Specific Ltd., $150.

MICHAEL PEARSON, professor of English, and FREDERICK BAYERSDORFER, arts assistant to the College of Arts and Letters dean, “Writers in Community”; City of Norfolk, $1,500.

MIKEL D. PETTY, research professor, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “A Theory of Composability”; Office of Naval Research, $149,860.

BRYAN E. PORTER, associate professor of psychology, “A Community-based Program to Increase Safety Belt Use: A Hampton Roads Partnership with ‘Buckle Up Now Virginia’”; Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, $70,000.

JENNIFER RADIEWICZ, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “An Investigation of 2-Aminoethoxydiphenyl Borate and Analogs as Store-operated Calcium Entry Channel Inhibitors”; Jeffress Research Grants Program, $25,000.

PHILIP RAISOR, associate professor of English, “25th Annual Literary Festival”; Virginia Commission of the Arts, $1,000. Also, with FREDERICK BAYERSDORFER, arts assistant to the College of Arts and Letters dean, “25th Annual Literary Festival”; City of Norfolk, $5,000.

RALPH V. ROGERS JR., professor of engineering management and systems engineering, “FIPSE European Exchange”; Chico Research Foundation, $8,150.

MARY L. SANDY, director of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, “Virtual Center for Remote Sensing and Environmental Applications - FY 2003”; George Mason University, $130,393. Also, “SERCH/Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind”; College of Charleston, $3,000. Also, “SERCH/Virginia Air and Space Museum”; College of Charleston, $10,000. Also, “Virginia Space Grant Workforce Initiative - Geospatial Extension Specialist”; NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, $100,000.

ELIZABETH A. SMITH, research assistant professor, Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, “Virginia Regional Competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl - Blue Crab Bowl 2003”; Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education, $7,500.

ANDRES A. SOUSA-POZA, assistant professor, and CHARLES B. KEATING, associate professor, engineering management and systems engineering, “Quality Management System Development”; KITCO Fiber Optics Inc., $23,500.

LLOYD WOLFINBARGER JR., professor of biological sciences, “Validation of Allograft Tissue Processing, Fall 2002”; Lifenet Transplant Services, $26,539. Also, “Validation of Allograft Tissue Processing - Spring 2003”; Lifenet Transplant Services, $26,539.

XIUSHI YANG, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice, “Community-based Study of Mobility, Drug Use and AIDS”; U.S. Public Health Service (including NIH), $288,882.

JAEWAN YOON, associate professor, and DAVID R. BASCO, professor, civil and environmental engineering, “Numerical Modeling Beach Profile Change at Virginia Beach Oceanfront”; Beach Consultants, $4,131.

DENNIS J. ZEISLER, chair of music, and FREDERICK BAYERSDORFER, arts assistant to the College of Arts and Letters dean, “Old Dominion University’s Classical Period Piano Competition”; City of Norfolk, $1,000.

GUOQING ZHOU, assistant professor, and PAUL J. KAUFFMANN, chair, engineering technology, “Photogrammetric Distance Education Via Various Media”; University of Mississippi, $80,000.