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The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for January and February. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

DENNIS P. ACKERMAN, director of the Bank of America Entrepreneurial Center, “ODU Entrepreneurial Center, 2002-03”; Center for Innovative Technology, $5,500.

SACHARIA ALBIN, professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Photonic Sensors for Integrated System Health Monitoring”; NASA Langley Research Center, $123,400.

CARRYL BALDWIN, assistant professor of psychology, “An Evaluation of Graphical Presentation Formats for Surface Weather”; NASA Headquarters, $24,000.

SEBASTIAN Y. BAWAB, associate professor of mechanical engineering, “Modeling and Development of Templates of Vehicle Interior”; BIOMX and City of Norfolk, $1,500 and $1,501.

OKTAY BAYSAL, interim dean of the College of Engineering and Technology, and JERRY B. ROBERTSON, director of the Technology Applications Center, “Injection Molding Machine Clearance Detection Project”; Solo Inc., $16,377.

JAMES P. BLISS, associate professor of psychology, “Assessing Eye Movement in a Synthetic Vision Environment”; NASA Langley Research Center, $12,000.

JOHAN BOLLEN, assistant professor, and ALEX POTHEN, professor, computer science, “Relationship Black Boxes for the Los Alamos National Laboratory”; Los Alamos National Laboratories, $75,300.

ROBERT W. CASE, associate professor of exercise science, sport, physical education and recreation, “National Youth Sports Program - Norfolk” and “National Youth Sports Program - Virginia Beach”; National Collegiate Athletic Association, $111,000.

JOHN B. COOPER, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Temperature-controlled Sample Cell for Near-IR Absorbance Spectrometer”; Micron Optical Systems Inc., $14,000.

GLENN F. COTA, research professor, Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, “(High Latitude) Bio-optical Algorithm Development and Validation”; National Space Development Agency for Japan, $8,000.

ANTHONY W. DEAN, visiting assistant professor, and PAUL J. KAUFFMANN, chair, engineering technology, “Ship Repair Decision Phase II”; AMSEC, $30,000.

THOMAS M. EIDSON, research professor of aerospace engineering, “Applying Aspect-Orient Programming Concepts to a Component-based Programming Model”; University of Tennessee, $112,614.

HANI E. ELSAYED-ALI, professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Atmospheric Aerosol LIDAR Measurements for Satellite Validation”; NASA Headquarters, $24,000.

OSCAR R. GONZALEZ and STEVEN W. GRAY, associate professors of electrical and computer engineering, “Hybrid Modeling and Analysis of Safety Critical Flight Control Systems”; National Science Foundation, $59,998.

H. TED GORANSON, director of advanced enterprise research, College of Business and Public Administration, “Toward a Theory and Mining Tools Detecting Countering Terrorist Enterprise Collaboration”; National Defense University, $75,000.

STEVEN W. GRAY, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Supplement to Project #101831 - Stochastic Dynamical Models”; NASA Langley Research Center, $17,191. Also, with OSCAR R. GONZALEZ, associate professor of ECE,“System Level Effects of Neutron-induced Single-event Upsets on Recoverable Digital Control Systems”; NLRC, $400,000.

JOSEPH J. GROSEL, program manager, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Professional Engineering Services”; Science Applications International Corp., $54,383.

MOOL C. GUPTA, director of the Applied Research Center, “NSF Industry Cooperative Research Center for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing, Year 2”; Center for Innovative Technology, $30,000.

JEFFREY Y. HARLOW, director of the Social Science Research Center, “Norfolk State University School of Social Work”; Norfolk State University, $2,084. Also, “Square One VISSTA Training”; Square One Inc., $11,115. Also, “Eastern Shore Community College Business Survey”; Eastern Shore Community College, $3,000. Also, “Youth Services Survey for Families, 2003”; Virginia Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $22,826.

GENE J. HOU, professor of mechanical engineering, “Verification of Reliability-based Assessment and Design Optimization for Couples Nonlinear Aero CFD/Nonlinear Structural FEM”; NASA Langley Research Center, $15,000.

JEN-KUANG HUANG, professor of mechanical engineering, “NASA Graduate Student Research Project - Aircraft Scheduling Using Convex Optimization”; NASA Langley Research Center, $24,000.

CYNTHIA M. JONES, professor of biological sciences, and ZHONGXING CHEN, adjunct assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “How Essential Fish Habitat Influences Population Structure for Spotted Sea Trout, Cynoscion Nebulosus, with Special Emphasis in Chesapeake Bay”; Virginia Graduate Marine Science Consortium, $80,579. Also, CYNTHIA M. JONES and STEPHEN BOBKO, lab manager for the Center for Quantitative Fisheries Ecology, “Age-specific Fecundity of Bluefish in the Mid-Atlantic Bight, Supplemental Funding”; Virginia Marine Resources Commission, $13,750.

PAUL J. KAUFFMANN, chair of engineering technology, TAJ. O. MOHIELDIN, professor of engineering technology, and WILLIAM R. PETERSON, assistant professor of engineering management and systems engineering, “Green Virginia Ethanol Project”; Green Virginia, $48,330.

MICHELLE L. KELLEY, professor of psychology, “Brief Couples Therapy in Drug Abuse Treatment”; State University of New York, $42,161.

MOUNIR LAROUSSI, research associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Large-volume Nonequilibrium Air Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure: A Novel Method with Low-power Requirements”; Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $197,548.

R. BOWEN LOFTIN, director of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Army Training Support System Development Program Strategy Formulation”; Computer Science Corp., $90,311.

JOHN R. LOMBARD and PAMELA GIBSON, assistant professors, urban studies and public administration, “Common Interest Community Management Information Fund Proposal for Services”; Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, $104,694.

DEBRA A. MAJOR, associate professor of psychology, “Implementing a Pediatric Asthma Guideline in Adult Emergency Departments”; Eastern Virginia Medical Authority, $14,826.

KURT J. MALY, eminent scholar, and MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR, professor, computer science, “Technical Report Interchange Project”; Alliance for Innovation in Science and Technology Information, $12,000.

MARTIN MIKULAS, research professor of aerospace engineering, “Advanced Space Structural Concepts”; Jet Propulsion Laboratory, $45,243.

MOUSTAFA MOUSTAFA, associate professor of engineering technology, “Transforming Baby Stroller”; Donna Huddleston, $1,420. Also, “Computer Model of Detachable SUV Shopping Gurney”; Mark Scura and City of Norfolk, $950 and $817. Also, “Computer Model of and Wind Analysis of a New Generation Tent”; Norfolk Tent Co. and City of Norfolk, $1,649 and $1,651.

RAVI MUKKAMALA, professor of computer science, “Improving Processes for Black Box Testing of Software and Software Integration”; NASA Langley Research Center, $25,000.

DUC T. NGUYEN, professor of civil and environmental engineering, “Parallel Domain Decomposition Formulation and Software for Large-scale Sparse/Unsymmetrical 3D Aeroacoustics Applications”; NASA Langley Research Center, $10,000 (an incremental award that completes full funding – $135,000 – of the research project).

BRYAN E. PORTER, associate professor of psychology, “Increasing Pedestrian Safety in Northern Virginia: Enhancing and Evaluating Community-based Strategies”; George Mason University, $11,000. Also, “The Virginia Strategic Plan for Pedestrian Safety: Preliminary Research to Develop Benchmarks”; Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, $20,000.

ANASTASIA M. RAYMER, associate professor of early childhood, speech-language pathology and special education, “Treatment of Aphasia and Related Disorders”; University of Florida, $68,300.

BILLIE M. REED, executive director, and WAYNE WOODHAMS, deputy executive director, Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority and the Virginia Space Flight Center, “Co-op Development of Dual-use Space Access Capability at Wallops”; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, $63,932.

MARY L. SANDY, director of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, “Vax Magic - Virginia’s Access: Middle Atlantic Geospatial Information Consortium - State Agency Liaison”; George Mason University, $8,503. Also, “NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program Internships”; Universities Space Research Association, $34,536. Also, “SCHEV/VSGC Scholarships and Fellowships”; State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, $41,900.

MARK W. SCERBO, associate professor of psychology, “The Efficacy of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Studying Mental Workload in an Aviation Context”; NASA Headquarters, $24,000.

ANDRES A. SOUSA-POZA, assistant professor, and CHARLES B. KEATING, associate professor, engineering management, “ISO-90000 Surveillance Audits and Quality System Development”; Resource Consultants Inc., $18,398.

CHARLES I. SUKENIK, assistant professor of physics, “Application of Ultracold Molecules to Inertial Sensing for Navigation”; Office of Naval Research, $35,830.

SURENDRA N. TIWARI, eminent scholar of mechanical engineering, “NASA Faculty Fellowship Program”; NASA Langley Research Center, $729,990.

LINDA L. VAHALA, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Graphical Modeling of Electromagnetic Interference Due to Wireless Technology Onboard Commercial Airliners”; NASA Headquarters, $24,000. Also, “Neutron-induced SEE (Single-Event-Effects) in Flight Control Computers”; NASA Langley Research Center, $102,992. Also, “Topics in Plasma Physics”; U.S. Department of Energy, $10,000.

ARNOLDO VALLE-LEVINSON, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, and CYNTHIA M. JONES, professor of biological sciences, “Minority Undergraduate Scholarship and Training”; National Science Foundation, $246,945.

LEPOSAVA VUSKOVIC, professor, and SVETOZAR POPOVIC, physics, “Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generator in Martian Simulant Gas for Regenerative Aerobreaking”; NASA Langley Research Center, $89,667. Also, “Plasma Aerodynamics and Combustion”; NLRC, $24,992.

STEPHEN A. ZAHORIAN, professor of electrical and computer engineering, “NASA Graduate Student Research Project - Automatic Speech Recognition in Noisy Aircraft Environments”; NASA Langley Research Center, $24,000.