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Payne Vahala Williamson Harlow

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for July and August. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

JAMES P. BLISS, associate professor of psychology, “Implementation and Evaluation of a Selection System for Welders”; Northrop Grumman Newport News, $19,345. Co-PIs are FLORENCE JINADI, graduate teaching assistant, TERRY L. DICKINSON, professor, and CARLOTTA BOONE, graduate teaching assistant, psychology.

SUSHIL K. CHATURVEDI, professor of mechanical engineering, “Planning Grant: Simulation and Visualization-enhanced Engineering Education”; National Science Foundation, $99,895. Co-PIs are OSMAN A. AKAN, professor of civil and environmental engineering; STEPHEN A. ZAHORIAN, professor of electrical and computer engineering; RICK MCKENZIE, assistant professor of ECE; and SEBASTIAN Y. BAWAB, associate professor of mechanical engineering.

MICHAEL L. CORY, manufacturing specialist, Technology Applications Center, “Multi-Spindle Automatic Drill”; Amadas Industries, $19,573. Also, “Gathering Machine Kaizen Event”; Muller Martini, $3,450.

MICHELE M. DARBY, chair, and MIRANDA SWAIM, graduate teaching assistant, dental hygiene, “Effects of Ultrasonic and Manual Scaling on Tactile Sensitivity in Second-year Dental Hygiene Students”; American Dental Hygiene Association, $7,576.

AMIN N. DHARAMSI, graduate program director, electrical and computer engineering, “Outreach Activities for Enhancement of Scientific Literacy in Hampton Roads, Va.”; Verizon, $12,500.

LAWRENCE G. DOTOLO, director, Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education, “Serving the Adult Population of Hampton Roads”; U.S. Department of Education, $466,184.

WENDY M. FRAZIER, assistant professor of educational curriculum and instruction, “Transition to Teaching with Newport News Schools”; city of Newport News, $548,402. Co-PIs are PAUL L. HEINE, associate dean of education; DEAN CRISTOL, assistant professor of ECI; SUEANNE E. MCKINNEY, lecturer of ECI; SUSAN W. MESLANG, former CHANCE program director; and ROBERT Q. BERRY, assistant professor of ECI.

LAUREL S. GARZON, associate professor of nursing, “Educating Culturally Competent Nurse Practitioners in Virginia”; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, $181,500. Co-PIs are CAROLYN RUTLEDGE, associate professor; RICHARDEAN S. BENJAMIN-COLEMAN, chair of nursing; and STACEY B. PLICHTA, associate professor of community and environmental health.

JOSEPH J. GROSEL, program manager, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “J86 Joint Interoperability and Integration Support” and “J2Services Support - Delivery Order 0052”; Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center (Philadelphia), $367,707 and $53,104.

MOOL C. GUPTA, director of the Applied Research Center, “Modification of Surfaces Using Atmospheric Plasma”; Alcoa Inc., $29,997. Also, “Goal 1: High Efficiency Large Area Solar Cell Devices Based on Crystalline Si Thin Films by Low Temperature Growth and Solid Laser Crystallization”; National Science Foundation, $12,000. Also, “Literature Search”; Siemens Automotive Inc., $8,673.

JEFFREY Y. HARLOW, director of the Social Science Research Center, “DMHMRSAS Adult Consumer Survey”; Virginia Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $15,494.

CHARLES B. KEATING, associate professor of engineering management, “Advanced Distributed Learning Co-laboratory Systems Integration and Management Assessment”; Concurrent Technologies Corp., $51,825.

JOSEPH LAPLACA, manufacturing consultant, Technology Applications Center, “Nasal Cannula Retainer - Comprehensive Business Study”; J. Sweeney, $1,515. Also, “BRRRP Guard - Comprehensive Business Study”; Tots Inc., $1,515.

MARILYN F. MARLOFF, associate professor of communication and theatre arts, and FREDERICK BAYERSDORFER, arts assistant to the dean of arts and letters, “Choreographers’ Showcase”; Virginia Commission of the Arts, $2,000.

KEVIN MCCLESKEY, general manager, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Oracle Financial Implementation Support - MOD #4” and “COMOPTEVFOR Support”; Science Applications International Corp., $37,097 and $59,614.

MARTIN MIKULAS, research professor of aerospace engineering, “Space Structure Techniques Enabling Large Space Facilities”; National Institute of Aerospace, $20,000.

KENNETH MOPPER, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “REU Supplement to ‘Impact of Photochemistry on Carbon Cycling in the Sea’”; National Science Foundation, $6,000. Also, with ROBERT F. DIAS, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Collaborative Research: Impact of DOM Source and Photo-Oxidation on Carbon Cycling in Estuaries”; National Science Foundation, $550,502.

AHMED K. NOOR, William E. Lobeck Jr. Chair in Advanced Engineering Environments, “Support of the NASA Engineering Training Program”; NASA Langley Research Center, $320,000.

BRIAN PAYNE and RANDY R. GAINEY, associate professors of sociology and criminal justice, “Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research”; Virginia Center on Aging, $22,000.

MIKEL D. PETTY, chief scientist, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “JOFT Validation”; General Dynamics, $84,559. Also, “Modeling and Simulation Overview Course”; Office of Naval Research, $159,749. Also, with RYAN GASKINS, lecturer of psychology; and RICK MCKENZIE, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Simulation of Non-combatant Crowds in Military and Para-military Scenarios: Crowd Federate Architecture and Experiments”; Air Force Research Laboratory, $552,786.

ALEX POTHEN, professor of computer science, “Complex Networks”; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, $18,000. Also, “Distance-k Graph Coloring Problems for Numerical Optimization”; National Science Foundation, $370,652.

BILLIE M. REED, executive director, and WAYNE WOODHAMS, deputy executive director, Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority and the Virginia Space Flight Center, “State Appropriation to Provide for Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority Operations”; General Assembly of Virginia, $100,000. Also, “Launch Site Services”; NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, $5 million. Also, “Subcontract Task Order for Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority”; private sponsors, $191,975.

JERRY B. ROBERTSON, director of the Technology Applications Center, “Virginia’s A.L. Philpott Manufacturing Extension Partnership (VPMEP) Operating Account for Technology Application Center (TAC), FY ’04”; A.L. Philpott Manufacturing Center, $69,992. Also, “Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and VPMEP Partnership Proposal for TAC at ODU - FY ’04”; CIT, $160,000. Also, “SRMA Prototype Development, Testing, Phase II”; Engedi Technologies Inc., $2,002.

MARY L. SANDY, director of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, “NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program Internships”; National Space Grant Foundations and University of Alabama, $31,500 and $5,880. Also, “SERCH Conference - ‘Space Science the Special Way’”; College of Charleston, $10,000. Also, “VSGC’s Proposal to Provide a Space Grant Administrative Coordinator to Support the National Space Grant Program at NASA Headquarters”; NASA Headquarters, $135,683.

DEANNE SHUMAN, chair of dental hygiene, “Bisphenol A Blood and Saliva Levels Prior to and After Dental Sealant Placement in Adults”; American Dental Hygiene Association, $12,266.

BRIAN T. SILBERMAN, assistant professor of English, and FREDERICK BAYERSDORFER, arts assistant to the dean of arts and letters, “26th Annual Literary Festival”; Virginia Commission of the Arts, $1,000.

RUTH B. SMITH, executive director of the Research Foundation, “IPA Agreement - David Ozolek,” “IPA Agreement - Jack W. Hoesly” and “IPA Agreement - Christopher Behre”; U.S. Joint Forces Command, $163,729, $236,455 and $318,119.

CHARLES I. SUKENIK, assistant professor of physics, “Ultracold Alkali-Noble Gas Interactions”; National Science Foundation, $339,541.

LINDA L. VAHALA, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, “Wireless Networking, Path Loss and Interference in an Aircraft”; NASA Langley Research Center, $188,121.

KEITH M. WILLIAMSON, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, “Supplement - Teacher Research Experiences in Material Sciences”; National Science Foundation, $99,991. Co-PIs are MARTHA C. HOFLER, lecturer of economics; STEPHEN CUPSCHALK, associate professor of mechanical engineering; MUJDE ERTEN-UNAL, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering; and VINOD B. AGARWAL, professor of economics. Also, “Investigating Recursive Plastic Heating in Third Body Regions During Friction Stir Welding”; National Science Foundation, $65,643. Co-PIs are CUPSCHALK; AYODEJI O. DEMUREN, professor of mechanical engineering; SEBASTIAN BAWAB, associate professor of mechanical engineering; and GENE J. HOU, professor of mechanical engineering.

JAEWAN YOON, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, “Implementation of Statewide VDOT Geotechnical Database Management System Framework”; Virginia Transportation Research Council, $78,138.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR, professor, and KURT J. MALY, eminent scholar, computer science, “A Self-sustainable Digital Library for Evolving Communities”; National Science Foundation, $298,136.