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JOHN B. FORD, professor of marketing and international business, appointed to the editorial review board of Journal of International Marketing.

RICHARD V. GREGORY, dean of the College of Sciences, appointed to the 2006 Committee of Visitors for the National Science Foundation.

TIM GROTHAUS, assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, appointed to the editorial review board for Professional School Counseling.

WILLIAM R. PETERSON, assistant professor of engineering management and systems engineering, elected president-elect of the Society for Engineering Management Systems for 2006-07. He will be president of this society within the Institute of Industrial Engineers for 2007-08.

M’HAMMED ABDOUS, director of the Center for Learning Technologies, a 2006 Outstanding Paper Award from the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education for “A Learner-centered Online Syllabus Generator System.”

DANIEL M. DAUER, eminent scholar of biological sciences, is one of the authors of a set of articles chosen as Ecological Risk Assessment Paper of the Year 2005 by the Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. Dauer was co-author of two of the six articles, which reported researchers’ findings regarding the environmental impact of effluent from the Motiva Enterprises LLC oil refinery in Delaware City, Del. Dauer’s research interests focus on the feeding behavior and feeding apparatus of animal life at the bottoms of rivers, bays and other bodies of water. The common title of the articles is “An Integrated Case Study for Evaluating the Impacts of an Oil Refinery Effluent on Aquatic Biota in the Delaware River.”

DALE E. MILLER, associate professor of philosophy, a residential fellowship to the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at St. Andrews University, Scotland, for January to March 2007.

KYLE NICHOLAS, assistant professor of communication and theatre arts, a Top 3 Paper award in the popular communication division for the International Communication Association Annual Conference in Dresden, Germany.

FRANKLIN ROSS JONES, professor emeritus of educational leadership and counseling, “How to Survive Middle Age” (iUniverse Inc.).

KYLE NICHOLAS, assistant professor of communication and theatre arts, “Open Windows: Remediation Strategies in Global Film Adaptations,” co-edited with Jorgen Riber Christensen (Aalborg University Press).

JOHN A. ADAM, University Professor of mathematics, “Patterns in Nature” at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of the National Institute for Learning Disabilities in Portsmouth.

ALAN FLANDERS, adjunct associate professor of history, “Civil War Naval Events in the North Carolina Sounds” at the Roanoke Island Festival Park, sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. He also taught a mini-course on “Hampton Roads Naval History” at St. Patrick School in Norfolk.

DENNIS E. GREGORY, associate professor of educational leadership and counseling, three papers at the 2006 conference of the Association for Student Judicial Affairs in Clearwater Beach, Fla.: “ASJA and CAS: Framing the Dialogue for Program Self-Evalua-tion,” “Framing the Discussion of Campus Crime: A New Approach for Judicial Officers to Examine Crime” and “Writing for Publication: Framing the Dialogue About ASJA Members and Professional Writing.” Also, three papers at the 2006 NASPA Conference in Washington, D.C.: “Reframing the External View of Campus Crime: A More Effective Context for Collective Action” (with co-authors S.M. Janosik, T.L. Strayhorn and SEANN KALAGHER, a master’s student in higher education); “Working with International Programs in Higher Education: From Individual Acts to Collective Understanding” (with co-authors CARRIE ROBBINS-O’CONNELL, DIONICIA MAHLER-ROGERS and ALINA MENYAYLENKO, master’s students in higher education); and “Taking Collective Action to Improve the Success for Low-income and Minority Students” (with co-author JANET LAUGLIN, a doctoral student in community college leadership).

TIM GROTHAUS, assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Leadership and Advocacy: Essential Skills for Effective School Counselors” at the Hampton Roads School Counseling Leadership Team Conference in Virginia Beach (with co-author TAMMI MILLIKEN, visiting assistant professor of ELC). Also, “Advocating and Collaborating Through Culturally Competent Consultation” at the Virginia School Counselor Association annual conference in Richmond (with co-author GWEN LEE-THOMAS, assistant professor of ELC).

HIROYUKI HAMADA, Associate Professor of exercise science, sport, physical education and recreation, four presentations in the United Kingdom: “Bushido and Living Samurai Traditions and Historical Perspectives”at Oxford University; “Japanese Classical Budo Traditions and Philosophical Essence” at the International Symposium of Martial Arts at Cambridge University; “Samurai Bushido and Wakon, Spirit of Japan” at Eton College; and “Japanese Classical Budo Heiho System: Battle Theory and Practice” at the UK DNBK Budo Seminar at Wycombe Judo Center, London.

RADHA HORTON-PARKER, associate professor of counselor education, and R.C. Fawcett, “The FACE-SPIRIT Model: A Practical Approach to the Implicit and Explicit Integration of Spirituality into Counseling” at the American Counseling Association annual convention in Montreal.

AUSTIN JERSILD, associate professor of history, “Friendship, the Gift, Betrayal: The Chinese Subversion of the Soviet Friendship Society, 1945-1964,” for the Russian History Workshop at Georgetown University and at the Georgetown University Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies.

CYNTHIA KRATZKE, adjunct assistant professor of community and environmental health, a poster presentation “Factors Influencing Mammography Use of Community Health Care Workers” at the 6th Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Health Behavior in Carmel, Calif. Co-authors are LAUREL GARZON, associate professor of nursing; KAREN KARLOWICZ, assistant professor of nursing; and JOHN LOMBARD, assistant professor of urban studies and public administration.

PHILIP J. LANGLAIS, vice provost for graduate studies and research, a plenary talk, “Integrity of Research/Scholarly Activities and Professional Standards – Cause for Concern?” at the annual meeting of the Council of Southern Graduate Schools in Little Rock, Ark.

GWEN LEE-THOMAS, assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, “New Wine and Old Wine Skins: Implications for Higher Education” at the Society for College and University Planning Mid-Atlantic 2006 Regional Conference in Richmond.

GARRETT MCAULIFFE, professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Practicing Gay Affirmative Counseling: Viewing and Discussion of a Training Video on Working with Lesbian and Gay Youth” and “Using the Career Planning Confidence Scale to Assist Indecisive Client” at the American Counseling Association annual convention in Montreal.

DALE E. MILLER, associate professor of philosophy, “Mill’s Utopian Utilitarianism” at the International Society of Utilitarian Studies meeting at Dartmouth College.

WAEL A. MOKHTAR, doctoral student, and COLIN P. BRITCHER, professor, aerospace engineering, “Wind Tunnel Boundary Corrections for a Full Scale 1903 Wright Flyer Replica” in vol. 43, no. 1 of AIAA Journal of Aircraft 2006.

ED NEUKRUG, professor, and TAMMI MILLIKEN, visiting assistant professor, educational leadership and counseling, “A Model for Ethical Decisionmaking: Understanding Self and Others in the Decision-making Process” at the American Counsel-ing Association annual convention in Montreal.

WILLIAM A. OWINGS, professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Troops to Teachers: A Perception-based Cost Efficiency Analysis” to the American Educational Finance Association in Denver and “Supervisor Perceptions of the Quality of Troops to Teachers Program Completers and Program Completer Perceptions of Their Preparation to Teach: A National Survey” at the National Center for Alter-native Education meeting in San Diego (co-authors for both are Leslie Kaplan, Newport News Public Schools; JOHN NUNNERY, assistant professor of ELC; and Steve Myran and Dave Blackburn of PREPS).

PETER SCHULMAN, associate professor of French and international studies, “Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis Series and the Quest for Forgetfulness” at the Modern Language Association meeting in Washington, D.C. He also chaired a panel titled “Ecological Issues in Contemporary French Fiction.” Also, “Suburban Beauty: Jacques Reda’s Paris” at the Conference for Contemporary Poetry at City University of New York and “The Nostalgic Pitch: Representations of the Brooklyn Dodgers in Contemporary American Fiction” for a panel he organized on the Brooklyn Dodgers in Los Angeles.

ALAN SCHWITZER, associate professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Publishing in the Journal of College Counseling In: Council of ACA Journal Editors (Chairs), Publishing in ACA Refereed Journals: Advice from the Council of Editors,” a panel presentation at the annual convention of the American Counseling Association in Montreal.

BURTON ST. JOHN III, assistant professor of communications, “Crucial Context for the Press Reaction to the 2004 Karen Ryan Video News Release: The Ethical Dilemma of Press Use of Propaganda as Displayed in the Correspondence of Public Relations Pioneer Ivy Lee” at the 2006 Virginia Humanities Conference on Ethics at the University of Mary Washington.

SUZAN THOMPSON, adjunct assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Anger Management” to the Virginia Association for Specialists in Group Work.

STEVE TONELSON, professor of early childhood, speech-language pathology and special education, “The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Program: A Distance Learning Approach” at the Annual Conference of the National Center for Alternative Certification in San Diego. Co-authors are JANE HAGER, chair of educational curriculum and instruction; CHERYL BAKER, senior lecturer of ECSSE; ROBERT A. GABLE, eminent scholar of ECSSE; ANN MAYDOSZ, program coordinator for student services, CSEEP; and KIMBERLY HUGHES, research coordinator, Child Study Center.

CRAIG A. BAYSE, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Theoretical Characterization of the ‘Very Rapid’ Species Generated in the Oxida-tion of Xanthine Oxidase” in vol. 45 of Inorganic Chemistry.

JOHN B. FORD, professor of marketing and international business, Adrian Sargeant (lead author) and Douglas C. West, “Perceptual Determinants of Nonprofit Giving Behavior” in vol. 59, no. 2 of Journal of Business Research.

AUSTIN JERSILD, associate professor of history, the following book reviews: Jeanne L. Wilson, “Strategic Partners: Russian-Chinese Relations in the Post-Soviet Era” (London and Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 2004), in vol. 57, no. 8 of Europe-Asia Studies; Thomas Sanders, Ernest Tucker and Gary Hamburg, ed. and trans., “Russian-Muslim Confron-tation in the Caucasus: Alternative Visions of the Conflict Between Imam Shamil and the Russians, 1830-1859” (London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2004), in vol. 64, no. 4 of Slavic Review; D.Iu. Arapov, editor, “Collection of the Russian Historical Society,” vol. 7, “Russia and the Islamic World,” (Moscow: Russkaia Panorama, 2003), in vol. 64, no. 3 of Russian Review; Paul Werth, “At the Margins of Orthodoxy: Mission, Governance, and Confessional Politics in Russia’s Volga-Kama Region, 1827-1905” (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002), in vol. 32 of Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism; and Nicholas Griffin, “Caucasus: A Journey to the Land Between Christianity and Islam” (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004), in vol. 64, no. 1 of Russian Review.

GARRETT MCAULIFFE, professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Speaking Out for the Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name: A Challenge for Counselors to Support Lesbian and Gay Clients” in vol. 48 of Counseling Today.

DALE E. MILLER, associate professor of philosophy, “Reparations for Emancipation: Mill’s Vindication of the Rights of Slave Owners” in vol. 43 of Southern Journal of Philosophy.

LELAND D. PETERSON, professor emeritus of English and Latin, “A Letter ... About Swift’s ‘The Beast’s Confession to the Priest’” in Swift Studies 2005.

PATRICIA PLEBAN, associate professor, CRAIG A. BAYSE, assistant professor, JOSHUA RITCHEY, graduate student, and BONNIE DAVIS, undergraduate, chemistry and biochemistry, “Experi-mental and Theoretical Evidence for Cyclic Selenurane Formation During Selenomethionine Oxidation” in vol. 3 of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.

PETER SCHULMAN, associate professor of French and international studies, “Jules Verne’s Bachelor Chronotopes” in the Australian Journal of French Studies. Also, “Jules Verne’s Invisible Man: The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz” in Buletin de la Societé Jules Verne in Paris.

ALAN SCHWITZER, associate professor of educational leadership and counseling, “Self-Development, Social Support and Student Help-Seeking: Research Summary and Implications for College Psychotherapists” in vol. 20 of Journal of College Student Psychotherapy.

X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry (with graduate students WILLIAM BROWNLOW and SOPHIA KYRIACOU), “Real-time Probing of Membrane Transport in Living Microbial Cells Using Single Nanoparticle Optics and Living Cell Imaging” and “Single-Molecule Study of Subcellular Function in Single Living Cells” in the Proceedings of Pittcon 2005. She chaired a session on “Biomedical Analysis Using Various Spectroscopic Methods” at Pittcon 2005 in Orlando, Fla. Also, with PRAKASH NALLATHAMBY, graduate student, “Timing Intracellular Function of Single Living Cells Using Nanosecond Electric Pulses” in Symposium Record Abstracts, ElectroMed2005. Also, with five collaborators from Purdue University, “Heat Transfer Analysis of Cell Culture in a Microchannel-based nsPEF System” in Symposium Record Abstracts, ElectroMed2005. Xu also chaired a symposium titled “New Frontiers in Ultrasensitive Analysis: Nanobiotech, Single Molecule Detection and Single Cell Analysis” at the 230th ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C.