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ALAN B. FLANDERS, adjunct associate professor of history, selected by the U.S. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Md., to serve as a contributing editor to a new civilian guidebook for Navy civil servants. It will be published in fall 2006.

JOHN R. HOLSINGER, eminent scholar of biological sciences, renewal of appointment as a research associate at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, effective May 2005 to May 2008.

RICK BERRY, director of materiel management, a Distinguished Service Award from the National Institute of Governmental Planning.

JILL C. JURGENS, associate professor of educational leadership and counseling, the Miriam Clubok Award from the National Organization for Human Services for her outstanding leadership and service to the organization.

HAROLD G. MARSHALL, professor emeritus of biological sciences, the Medal of Merit from the rector of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. The award is in recognition of his contributions in the establishment and sponsorship of the summer Graduate Student and Faculty Exchange Program between the ODU biological sciences department and the AMU hydrobiology department. Marshall co-directs the program, which fosters research in phytoplankton and limnological studies at sites in Virginia and Poland.

JOHN A. ADAM, University Professor of mathematics, “Rainbows, Halos and Glories” to students and parents at the Jones Magnet Middle School Planetarium in Hampton.

JOHN R. BRODERICK, vice president for institutional advancement, “Using a Campus Engagement Audit of Community Service as a Marketing Opportunity” at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities National Meeting on the American Democracy Project.

HIROYUKI HAMADA, martial artist in-residence, a professional teaching seminar at the Spain Budo Seminar in Madrid, Spain, and the advanced professional clinic of the classical Budo and Harai no Gi, ceremonial execution of the traditional laido form, at the commemorative European Rensei Taikai in Sintra City, Portugal.
FRAN HASSENCAHL, assistant professor of communication and theatre arts, “Ride ’em Cowboy: European Political Cartoonists Lasso President Bush” at the Third International Conference on Communication and Mass Media in Athens, Greece. Also, “Ride ’em Cowboy: American Editorial Cartoonists Lasso President Bush” at the 35th annual meeting of the American/Popular Culture Association in San Diego. She also gave a series of lectures on Middle Eastern politics at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.

RONALD E. JOHNSON, University Professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “Understanding the Mechanics of Tsunamis” for the NASA Langley Research Center Colloquium and for the Sigma Series of public lectures at the Virginia Air and Space Center, sponsored by NASA LaRC and VASC.

FREDERICK A. LUBICH, chair of foreign languages and literatures, “Where Orient Meets Occident: Moorish Andalusia” to the Ghen United Methodist Church. The following presentations were delivered in German: “Popular Music from Contemporary German Speaking Europe” and “Myth Montage: World War II and Its Iconoclastic Aftermath” at Goethe Institute, Tbilissi, Georgia (Caucasus). Also presented in German was “Goethe and Thomas Mann: Elective Affinities Across the Centuries” at the University of Kutaissi, Georgia (Caucasus); University of Tbilissi, Georgia, (Caucasus); Bayrisches Haus, Odessa, Ukraine; Deutsches Haus, Tschernowzy, Ukraine; the Bilinguale Gymnasium (bilingual high school) in Poprad Tatry, Republic of Slovakia; and the bookstore Kümmerle in Göppingen,Germany.

HAROLD G. MARSHALL, professor emeritus of biological sciences, “Long-term Monitoring Results of Harmful Algal Populations Within Chesapeake Bay and Its Major Tributaries in Virginia, USA” at the Baltic Sea Conference on Hazardous Algae in Gdansk, Poland. Co-authors are TODD EGERTON, graduate student of biological sciences, and Lubomira Burchardt, a professor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Also, “Comparison of Phytoplankton and Autotrophic Picoplankton Populations over a 24-Hour Period from Surface and Subsurface Waters in Virginia, USA” at the Symposium on Toxic Cyanobacteria in Krynica Morska, Poland. Co-authors are Burchardt and Elzbieta Wilk-Wozniak of the Institute of Natural Conservation in Cracow, Poland.

DUC T. NGUYEN, professor of civil and environmental engineering, a research seminar, “Scalable Sparse Finite Element MPI Implementation for Large-scale Analysis and Optimal Design of Aerospace Structures,” to the civil engineering department at the University of Hawaii, Manoa campus.

JEFFREY H. RICHARDS, professor of English, “Theater’s Deep Well: Drama and Dissemination in the 18th Century” at the American Antiquarian Society History of the Book conference in Worcester, Mass.
ROSEANN RUNTE, president, “U.S.-Canada Higher Education Leadership Perspectives” at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ Summer Council of Presidents in Montreal, Canada.

STEVE TONELSON, professor of early childhood, speech-language pathology and special education, “Reducing the Shortage of Special Educators: A Distance Learning Approach” at the Ninth Biennial International Conference, International Association of Special Education, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Co-authors are JANE HAGER, professor of educational curriculum and instruction; CHERYL BAKER, senior lecturer of ECSSE; ANN MAYDOSZ, program coordinator for student services, Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Program; and KIMBERLY HUGHES, research coordinator for the Child Study Center.

JIE CHEN, Louis I. Jaffe Professor of political science, “Sociopolitical Attitudes of the Masses and Leaders in the Chinese Village” in vol. 14 of Journal of Contemporary China.

CATHY G. COOKE, lecturer, and MICHELLE L. KELLEY, professor, psychology, “A Comparison of the Psychosocial Functioning of Children with Drug-Versus Alcohol-Dependent Fathers” in vol. 30, no. 4 of The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Co-authors are William Fals-Stewart and James Golden of the Research Institute on Addictions at the State University of New York, Buffalo.

GARY R. EDGERTON, chair of communication and theatre arts, “‘Where the Past Comes Alive’: Television, History and Collective Memory” in “A Companion to Television” (Malden, Mass.: Blackwell, 2005), edited by Janet Wasko.

GILBERT R. HOY, eminent scholar of physics, and Jos Odeurs (lead author), of Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium, “Formation Time of the Nuclear Exciton Due to a Synchrotron Radiation Pulse” in vol. 71, no. 22 of Physical Review B.

LUISA A. IGLORIA, associate professor of English, “Stairway to Heaven” and “If the Poem Were Glass” in the spring issue of Poetry East; “Gecko” and “Meditation at the Beginning of the Year” in the spring issue of Dislocate; and “Blur” in the spring issue of Columbia Poetry Review.

MICHELLE L. KELLEY, professor of psychology, and William Fals-Stewart (lead author) of RTI International, “When Family Members Go to War – A Systemic Perspective on Harm and Healing: Comment on Dirkzwager, Bramsen, Adèr and van der Ploeg (2005)” in vol. 19, No. 2 of Journal of Family Psychology.

ROBIN J. LEWIS and VALERIAN J. DERLEGA, professors, JENNY C. KUANG ’87 (M.S. ’91), adjunct instructor, and JENNY C. KUANG, doctoral student, psychology, “An Expressive Writing Intervention to Cope with Lesbian-related Stress: The Moderating Effects of Openness About Sexual Orientation” in vol. 29 of Psychology of Women Quarterly. Co-authors are Andrew M. Jacobs and Michelle D. McElligott of the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology.

FREDERICK A. LUBICH, chair of foreign languages and literatures, a book review of William Niven and James Jordan’s (editors) “Politics and Culture in Twentieth-Century Germany” (Camden House, 2003) in vol. 97, no. 2 of Monatshefte. He also conducted an interview with Barbie Zelizer, keynote speaker at ODU’s last Film and Video Festival, which appeared under the title “Visualizing the Holocaust” in the July 8 edition of Southeastern Virginia Jewish News.

HAROLD G. MARSHALL, professor emeritus of biological sciences, and Lubomira Burchardt, a professor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, “Phytoplankton Composition Within the Tidal Freshwater-Oligohaline Regions of the Rappahannock and Pamunkey Rivers in Virginia” in vol. 69 of Castanea.

WILLIAM A. OWINGS, associate professor, and JOHN A. NUNNERY, assistant professor, educational leadership and counseling, “Principal Quality: A Virginia Study Connecting Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards with Student Achievement” in vol. 89 of NASSP Bulletin. Lead author is L. Kaplan.

ALAN SCHWITZER, associate professor, and MOLLY H. DUGGAN, assistant professor, educational leadership and counseling, “Distance Learners: Welcome to Campus!” in vol. 10, no. 2 of the American College Personnel Association’s About Campus Magazine.