Grants & Contracts

Cooley Dobbs Osgood McCombs

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for November and December. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

ANDREW BALAS, dean, College of Health Sciences, “Biosurveillance Utilizing SNOMED-CT Based Natural Language Processing” and “Biosense Evaluation,” Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, $62,675 and $50,000.

CRAIG BAYSE, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Theoretical Studies of the Effect of Selenium on Biochemical Signaling”; National Science Foundation, $240,000.

ALI BESKOK, professor of aerospace engineering, “Disease Specific Trapping of Human Cancer Cells”; Old Dominion University, $70,700. Co-PIs are: Stephen Beebe of EVMS; JUERGEN KOLB, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering; and RAVINDRA JOSHI, University Professor of electrical and computer engineering.

NANCY COOLEY, vice provost for distance learning, “Cultural Competency Distance Learning Program for Naval Expeditionary Combat Command” and, with CHANDRA DE SILVA, dean, College of Arts and Letters, “Cross Cultural Competency: Regional and Country Studies for Naval Expeditionary Combat Command”; ITA International Inc., $380,092 and $876,299.

MICHAEL CORY and STEPHEN DEMOS, senior consulting engineers, Virginia Applied Technology and Professional Development Center, “Lean Implementation”; L3 Communications, $15,900.

JESSICA CROUCH, assistant professor of computer science, “Adapting Numerical Circulation Modeling Tools for Classroom Use”; University of Minnesota, $20,616.

AYODEJI DEMUREN, professor of mechanical engineering, “Insulin Pump Delivery System Occlusion Study”; Eastern Virginia Medical School, $20,000.

FREDERICK DOBBS, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “Ship-mediated Harmful Microbes: Protecting the Great Lakes Ecosystem”; Northeast-Midwest Institute, $259,094.

TAL EZER, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “Antigua and Babuda Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Management Program”; Texas A&M University, $19,197.

LESLEY GREENE, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Elucidating the Key Determinants of Protein Folding and Satability in the Death Domain Superfamily”; Jeffress Research Grants Program, $22,000. Also, with LI-SHI LUO, associate professor of mathematics and statistics; ALEX POTHEN, professor of computer science; CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD, associate professor of biological sciences; and PATRICK HATCHER, professor of chemistry and biochemistry; “Multidisciplinary Seed Funding: Elucidation of Protein Structure Networks and Beyond”; Old Dominion University, $80,000.

KAAVONIA HINTON-JOHNSON, assistant professor of educational curriculum and instruction, “Tidewater Writing Project”; National Writing Project, $5,000.

GENE HOU, professor of mechanical engineering, and CHENG LIN, associate professor of engineering technology, “Development of Dynamic Environment Simulation Laboratory”; CDI Marine, $55,000.

KURT MALY, eminent scholar of computer science, “Eagle & MMIS Raytheon Technical Services Co. Software Development Task”; Raytheon Aircraft Co., $60,000. Also, with STEVEN ZEIL, associate professor, and MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR, professor, computer science, “Automated System for Extracting Metadata from the DTIC Technical Documents Collections - Part III A”; Defense Technology Information Center, $54,726.

GAYLE MCCOMBS, associate professor of dental hygiene, “ODU Office of Research - Atmospheric Plasma”; Old Dominion University, $83,664. Co-PIs are: DENNIS DARBY, professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences; MOUNIR LAROUSSI, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; and WAYNE HYNES, professor of biological sciences.

VALERIE MORGANSON, doctoral student of industrial/organizational psychology, and DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, “The Line in the Sand: Understanding Customer Sexual Harassment Through a Psychological Contract Framework”; Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, $1,000.

MICHAEL NELSON, assistant professor of computer science, “Client-side Preservation Techniques for ORE (Object Reuse and Exchange) Aggregations”; Andrew Mellon Foundation, $24,500.

BOB NORMAN, director of the Peninsula Center, “Transition to Teaching with Newport News Schools”; city of Newport News, $75,000. Co-PIs are former faculty members Robert Berry, Wendy Frazier and Dean Cristol.

CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD, associate professor of biological sciences, “Disaster Preparedness in Tidewater: Preparing for the Needs of Mothers and Infants”; March of Dimes, $2,270.

FRAN PUCHALSKI, director, Programs for Continued Learning, Darden College of Education, “Career Switchers Program, 2007-08”; Virginia Department of Education, $74,100.

MARY SANDY, director of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, “Virginia Aerospace Science and Technol-ogy Scholars”; NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, $250,000. Also, “Virginia Space Grant/State Council for Higher Education in Virginia Scholarships”; SCHEV, $170,000.

ELIZABETH SMITH, research assistant professor, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, “2008 Virginia Regional Competition of the National Ocean Science Bowl: The 11th Blue Crab Bowl”; Consortium for Oceanographic Research & Education, $7,500.

JOHN SOKOLOWSKI, director of research, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, “Continuation of: Environment for the Evaluation of Future Combat Weapons System Concepts”; Army Research Office, $50,000. Also, “Battle Lab”; Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center (Philadelphia), $15,945,421.

DANIEL SONENSHINE, professor emeritus of biological sciences, “Studies on the Responses of Bed Bugs, Cimex letularius, to Various Attractants”; APTIV Inc., $17,879.

MICHAEL STACEY, research associate professor, and KARL SCHOENBACH, director, Reidy Bioelectrics Center, “Synergistic Effects in Bioelectric Cancer Treatments”; Jeffress Research Grants Program, $30,000.

ANDREAS TOLK, associate professor of engineering management, “MSG-048 on Coalition Battle Management Language”; North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, $14,617 .

STEPHEN TONELSON, professor, early childhood, speech-language pathology and special education, “CSEEP/PPET Program for 2007-08”; Virginia Department of Education, $750,000. Co-PIs are: ROBERT GABLE, eminent scholar of ECSLPSE; JANE HAGER, chair of educational curriculum and instruction; and CHERYL BAKER, lecturer of ECSLPSE.

LINDA VAHALA, associate dean, Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology, and ROLAND LAWRENCE, assistant professor of engineering technology, “Measurements of Environmental Hazards in Avionics”; NASA, $158,302.

JOSEPH WARGO, director of Troops to Teachers, “Spouses to Teachers, 2007-08”; U.S. Department of Defense, $35,000.