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WILLIAM H. GRAVES, dean, Darden College of Education, appointed as one of four primary nonfederal negotiators for proposed regulations for the student financial aid programs authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended in 2007.

MICHAEL MCGINNIS, executive director of VMASC, elected a Fellow of the Military Operations Research Society, which serves the U.S. Department of Defense analytic community.

X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, served as a reviewer for: the NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel on Nanotechnology; the NIH Study Section on NIH Instrumentation and Systems Development; the NSF Review Panels on CRIF and Biophotonics; and the EPA Review Panels on Impacts of Nanomaterials on the Environment.

LMARTHA WALKER, chair, School of Physical Therapy, the John L. Echternach Award for best poster presentation for “Virtual Reality in Stroke Rehabilitation” at the Virginia Physical Therapy Association 2007 annual conference in Roanoke. There were 10 co-authors.

X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, NASA Nanotech Briefs Nano 50 Awards in technology, 2007, for developing single nanoparticle optics.

LENORE HART, associate professor of English, “Becky: The Life and Loves of Becky Thatcher” (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2007).

LORRAINE LEES, professor of history, “Yugoslav-Americans and National Security During World War II” (Urbanna: University of Illinois Press, 2007).

JOYCE NEFF, professor of English, and CARL WHITHAUS, associate professor of English, “Writing Across Distances and Disciplines: Research and Pedagogy in Distributed Learning” (New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2008).

X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “New Frontiers in Ultrasensitive Bio-analysis: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Applications in Nanobiotechnology, Single Molecule Detection, and Single Cell Analysis” (Wiley Chemical Analysis Series, 2007).

ANNETTE FINLEY-CROSWHITE, chair of history, “Disease and Naval Medicine in the French Colonial World, circa 1780” at the Western Society for French History conference in Albuquerque, N.M. Also, “Religious Strife and National Unity: Remembering and Forgetting National Religious Conflict” for a conference titled “Transitional Politics: The Quest for Stability After War and Revolution in Modern European History” at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

NATALIE HUTCHINSON, senior lecturer of mathematics and statistics, “Tessellations Using Geometer’s Sketchpad (Version4)” at the 2007 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference in Richmond. Also, a Tessellation demonstration using Geometer’s Sketchpad to secondary mathematics teachers at the Hampton City Schools Secondary Mathematics Department 6th Annual Winter Numberland.

KERRY J. LEE, graduate student of chemistry and biochemistry, “Study of Biocompatibility of Nanoma-terials in Vivo” at Pittcon 2007 in Chicago. It was also published in the proceedings. Co-authors are fellow graduate students PRAKASH NALLATHAMBY and LAUREN BROWNING, and X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

MEGHAN MCGLINN MANFRA, assistant professor of educational curriculum and instruction, “Teachers’ Instructional Choices with Student-created Digital Documentaries: Case Studies” at the National Council for the Social Studies in San Diego. The paper was nominated for the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education/National Technology Leadership Coalition Initiative Award/Fellowship.

HEIDI MCFERRON, assistant director and liaison to distance sites, and ALICE JONES, director for Student and Alumni Programs and liaison to the College of Arts and Letters, Career Management Center, a workshop on “Innovations” at the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers Annual Conference in San Antonio.
PRAKASH NALLATHAMBY, graduate student, TAO HUANG, postdoctoral researcher, and X. NANCY XU, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry, “Design of Stable and Biocompatible Nanoparticle Probes for Single Molecule Study of Single Living Cells” at Pittcon 2007 in Chicago. It was also published in the proceedings.

DUC NGUYEN, professor of civil and environmental engineering, a seminar on “Genetic Optimization Algorithms and Software with Potential Medical Applications” at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Also, a poster presentation, “Simulation and Visualization Enhanced Engineering Education, with SUSHIL CHATURVEDI, professor of mechanical engineering, and graduate students AHMED-ALI MOHAMED and SUBASH KADIAM, at the MODSIMWorld Conference and Expo (education track) in Virginia Beach.

KARIN ORVIS, assistant professor of psychology, “Performance Appraisal Feedback: A Foundation for Effective Employee Self-development” at the July 2007 meeting for the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington in Washington, D.C. Also, with co-authors D.B. Horn and J. Belanich, “Know Thy Learner: User Characteristics Underlying Effective Videogame-based Training” at the MODSIM World Conference in Virginia Beach. Also, with lead author J. Blanich and three other co-authors, “Fact or Fiction – Soldiers Are Gamers: Potential Effects on Training” at the annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Fla. It received an Honorable Mention Award for best paper.

BRIAN PAYNE, assistant professor of history, “Policing a National Fishery in an International Environment: The Case of the David J. Adams (1886)” at the biennial conference for the Association of Canadian Studies in the United States, in Toronto, Canada. He also chaired a session on “Religion and Ideology in Historic Context.”

JEFFREY RICHARDS, professor of English, “Race and Labor in the American Theatre, 1785-1825” at the American Society for Theatre Research annual conference in Phoenix.

ALFRED TOWNSEND, F. Ludwig Diehn Associate Professor of Instrumental Music Education, “The Job Quest: Painful Pathway? or Productive Process?” at the 28th Annual Virginia Music Educators Association In-Service Conference in Norfolk.

TOM WUNDERLICH, assistant dean for career management, “24/7/365 LIVE! Around the Clock Career Assistance Can Be Done” at the National Society for Experiential Education 36th Annual Conference in Seattle. Also, “Quality WIL Services, Around the Clock, Around the World” at the 6th Annual International Symposium on Work Integrated Learning in Charleston, S.C. Co-presenters included: LAURA CZERNIAK, CMC Director of Information Technology (on site); and HEIDI MCFERRON, Cyber Center supervisor, and JENNIFER FORDHAM, International Career Advantage Program coordinator and Cyber Career Coach (by virtual presentation).

X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Design of Biocompatible Single Nanoparticle Optics for Biomedical Imaging” at the National Nano Engineering Conference in Boston. It was also published in the proceedings. Also, “In Vivo Imaging Using Single Nanoparticle Photonics” at SERMACS 2007. Co-authors are PRAKASH NALLATHAMBY, graduate student; TAO HUANG, postdoctoral researcher; and graduate students KERRY LEE and LAUREN BROWNING. The paper was published in the proceedings. Also, “Design of Single Nanoparticle Optical Sensors for Imaging and Characterization of Single Receptor Molecules on Single Living Cells” at the 234th ACS National Meeting in Boston. Co-authors are HUANG, NALLATHAMBY and Daniel Gillet, Xu’s collaborator at CEA in France. The paper was published in the proceedings. Also, “Design of Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Probing Living Cellular Functions” at the 2007 NNIN Annual Meeting at the University of Michigan. Co-authors are NALLATHAMBY and HUANG, and JILL LOWMAN, an undergraduate student. Also, “Single Nanoparticle Assay for Real-time Molecular Study of Cellular Function of Single Living Cells” at the 2007 Pittsburgh Conference in Chicago. Co-authors are NALLATHAMBY, HUANG and LOWMAN. The paper was published in the proceedings.

GARY EDGERTON, professor and chair, and FRANCES HASSENCAHL, assistant professor, communication and theatre arts (with William B. Hart), “Televising 9/11 and Its Aftermath: The Framing of George W. Bush’s Faith-Based Politics of Good and Evil” in Martin F. Norden, ed., “The Changing Face of Evil in Film and Television (Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2007).

TAO HUANG, postdoctoral researcher, chemistry and biochemistry, “Design and Synthesis of Single Nanoparticle Optical Biosensors for Imaging and Characterization of Single Receptor Molecules on Single Living Cells” in vol. 79 of Analytical Chemistry. Co-authors are PRAKASH NALLATHAMBY, graduate student; Daniel Gillet of CEA in France; and X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

ISAO ISHIBASHI, professor of civil and environmental engineering, “EPS-Filled Used Tires as a Lightweight Construction Fill Material” in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Scrap Tire Derived Geomaterials – Opportunities and Challenges (Taylor & Francis/Balkema). Co-author is S. SETHABOUPPHA, a faculty member at Chiang Mai University and former ODU doctoral student.

KERRY LEE, graduate student of chemistry and biochemistry, “In Vivo Imaging of Transport and Biocom-patibility of Single Nanoparticles in Early Development of Zebrafish Embryos” in vol. 1 of ACS Nano. Co-authors are graduate students PRAKASH NALLATHAMBY and LAUREN BROWNING; CHRIS OSGOOD, associate professor of biological sciences; and X. NANCY XU, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

YUPING LIU, assistant professor of marketing, “The Long-Term Impact of Loyalty Programs on Consumer Purchase Behavior and Loyalty” in vol. 71 of Journal of Marketing.

FREDERICK LUBICH, professor of German and chair of foreign languages and literatures, “Thomas Mann’s ‘Magnificent Prose’” and “Russia’s Holy Literature,” an interview with Solomon Apt, translator of Thomas Mann's work into Russian, in vol. 13, no. 2 of Trans-Lit2, Journal of the Society for Contemporary American Literature in German.

KARIN ORVIS, assistant professor of psychology, with J. Belanich and L.N. Mullin, “The Influence of Trainee Gaming Experience on Affective and Motivational Learner Outcomes of Videogame-based Training Environments” in H. O’Neil & R. Perez, eds., “Computer Games and Team and Individual Learning” (Oxford, UK: Elsevier Ltd., 2007).

JEFFREY RICHARDS, professor of English, “‘The Adventures of Emmera,’ the Transatlantic Novel, and the Fiction of America” in vol. 42, no. 3 of Early American Literature.

MELVIN WILLIAMS, eminent scholar emeritus of exercise science, sport, physical education and recreation, a chapter, “Nutrition for the School Aged Child,” in Helge Hebestreit and Oded Bar-Or, eds., “The Young Athlete.” The text is vol. 13 of the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine, published by the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission.