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Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment serves as the analytical arm of Old Dominion Unviersity's central administartion. As part of its function, the office assists in systematically planning the University's future, managing its resources, and assessing its performance.

Institutional Research

IR part of the office (1) provides analytical and technical support to the executive management of the University to support strategic planning and data-based decision-making; (2) coordinates the reporting of enrollment, student characteristics, and other data to state, federal, and private agencies; (3) produces the University factbook, which is available for use by all members of the university community via the university web site; (4) creates and maintains databases for reporting academic performance, retention/attrition, and graduation rate data.


The Assessment Program focuses on: (1) predicting academic success and providing adequate support services for high risk students; (2) assessing attainment of outcomes of the general education program through assessment in six competency areas (writing proficiency, technical / information literacy, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning, oral communication, and critical thinking) (3) assessing learning outcomes of each academic program and other outcomes of each administrative unit with an Assessment Planning and Reporting Process; (4) overall student satisfaction in a variety of academic and support areas; and, (5) alumni satisfaction with the education received at the University.  Results are consistently used for program improvement.