Text Box: versity Freshman Survey) was discussed in an invited essay on the First Year Assessment (FYA) listserv. Continuing development of the TCI has included a major revision of the instrument based on factor analyses (2003) and pilot testing at four diverse institutions (2004-05) resulting in further revisions to insure  effectiveness at a broad range of institutions.  
Text Box: After more than 10 years of development and testing with thousands of students, the developers of the Transition to College Inventory (TCI) invite other institutions to use the TCI to identify and treat first year students at risk for academic difficulty and subsequent attrition.

In the 1996 book Assessment in Practice, Banta and associates cited Old Dominion University (ODU) as an example of an institution that “uses assessment data to drive improvements in an area of particular concern, its persistence rates. Since it is imperative that students stay in Text Box: school in order to obtain the benefits that accrue from a college education, the university has intentionally designed an assessment strategy focused on this one goal” (p. 22). In 2002 ODU received a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) Commendation in part for the development and use of the TCI. And later that same year, the TCI (formerly called the Old Dominion UniText Box: Transition to College Inventory 
Text Box: What is the Transition to College Inventory?
Text Box: The TCI...
is a noncognitive measure designed to enhance the predictions of academic performance and retention. Our research indicates that it adds significantly to the prediction of academic difficulty and attrition based only on cognitive (high school GPA, SAT scores) and/or demographic (gender, race, first generation) factors.  
is a self-report of attitudes, personality characteristics, and behaviors in high school along with predictions about performance and involvement in college.
Text Box: produces data for a highly descriptive first year class profile that adds considerable information to an institution’s understanding of its entering class.

yields the TCI Index used for early identification of first year students predicted to be at-risk for academic difficulty at the end of their first semester .

generates an individualized TCI Advising Profile that provides both the TCI Index and the responses to all of the items that contribute to the TCI Index for each student.  Academic advisors and/or Text Box: counselors can then review the Profile with the student early in the first semester and make plans to remediate specific potential barriers to college success.

was completely revised in 2003 using a data set of four years (1999-2002) of TCI data (N = 5684).

was pilot tested in 2004-05 with four additional institutions (N = 2734) resulting in a revised TCI Index that more accurately identifies at-risk students at a variety of types of four year institutions.

THE Transition

to College Inventory

Transition to College Inventory


Transition to College Inventory

The TCI Can ...

·    Identify first year students prone to academic difficulty and attrition

·    Assist advisors to intervene with at-risk students using an easily interpreted individual advising profile

·    Provide data that can be used to describe the entering class



What is the Transition to College Inventory?




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