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Profacts Received Through June 30

Profacts Received Through June 30

ProFacts welcomes post-announcements from faculty and staff regarding professional achievements. Items may be submitted for: Appointments/Elections, Awards, Books, Certifications, Commissions, Compositions/Arrangements, Degrees, Exhibitions, Papers/Presentations, Patents, Performances and Publications. Send your submissions to: sdaniel@odu.edu.

The following announcements were received through June 30, 2010.


NINA BROWN, professor and eminent scholar of counseling and human services, chosen president-elect of the Society for Group Counseling and Group Psychotherapy (Division 49 of the American Psychological Association).

MICHAEL STEIN, professor of accounting, named the inaugural Academic Fellow by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. He will be assigned to the board's Office of Research and Analysis for the 2010-11 academic year.


JANET BING, professor of English and Linguistics, the University Women's Caucus 2009-10 Recognition Award in support for women and women's issues at Old Dominion University.

LUISA IGLORIA, professor and director of the M.F.A. creative writing program, "The Art of Kissing," Honorable Mention, Potomac Review Poetry Contest, spring 2010.

JOHN ROTH, assistant professor of art, won the sculpture award for his piece, "Home Appliance," at the Westmoreland Art Nationals in Greensburg, Pa.

PETER SCHULMAN, associate professor of French, decorated and officially inducted as a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques at the French Embassy in New York City.


LEON BOUVIER, adjunct instructor of sociology, and Dudley Poston, professor at Texas A&M University, a textbook, "Population and Society: An Introduction to Demography" (Cambridge University Press).

NORA NOFFKE, associate professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Geobiology: Microbial Mats in Sandy Deposits from the Archean Era to Today" (Springer).

HEIDI SCHLIPPHACKE, associate professor of German, "Nostalgia After Nazism:  History, Home and Affect in German and Austrian Literature and Film" (Bucknell University Press).

BURTON ST. JOHN III, assistant professor of communication, "Press Professionalization and Propaganda: The Rise of Journalistic Double-Mindedness, 1917-1941" (Cambria Press).


JOHN ROTH, assistant professor of art, had a solo exhibition of his sculpture mounted at Mayer Fine Art Gallery, Waterside Norfolk, in January. Also, his sculpture "Cleft Conveyance" was chosen by juror Maria Medua, director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, for a national exhibition at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, Calif., opening this month.


JERRY ROBERTSON, associate vice president and executive director of the ODU Business Gateway, and CINDY WALTERS, executive director of the Hampton Roads Veterans Business Outreach Center, quoted in a June 22 Virginian-Pilot story, "ODU opens center for business-minded veterans."

Veterans Business Outreach Center

JIM JARRETT, retiring director of athletics, featured in a June 21 Virginian-Pilot story, "Jarrett's empty ODU office full of warm memories."


JANIS SANCHEZ-HUCLES, professor of psychology, quoted in a June 21 Virginian-Pilot story, "Suicide hot line to go silent over lack of funding."

Suicide Hotline

THOMAS ALBERTS, professor of aerospace engineering, quoted in a June 20 Virginian-Pilot story, "ODU to sell unused material to keep maglev research on track."

Innovative Maglev Funding

JERRY ROBERTSON, executive director of the ODU Business Gateway, interviewed June 18 for a WAVY-TV story, "ODU Vet Business Outreach Center opens."

WAVY Vets Business Outreach Center

STEVE YETIV, professor of political science, wrote an op-ed, "How the US and China can avoid conflict," for the June 17 Christian Science Monitor.

US and China

BOBBY GLISSON, transfer and military admissions counselors, appeared on a June 16 WTKR-TV news segment, "Chesapeake School Board approves new grading system."

Chesapeake Grading Scale

LARRY ATKINSON, professor and eminent scholar of oceanography, quoted in a June 16 Wilmington (Del.) News-Journal story, "Area environmental experts say the only fix now is time"; appeared on a June 11 WAVY-TV news segment, "Oil spill could reach North Carolina"; and quoted in a June 11 Virginian-Pilot story, "Just in case: Va., N.C. prepare for oil cleanup."

Time Needed for Oil Spill Recovery

Oil Spill Could Threaten North Carolina

VA and NC's "Just In Case Plan" for Oil Spill

VINOD AGARWAL, professor of economics, quoted in a June 16 Daily Press story, "Hampton Roads economy slips," and a June 15 Virginian-Pilot story, "Tax credit for homebuyers jolts May sales."

Real Estate

Tax Credits Help Sales

CAROL LAWES, associate professor of history, quoted in a June 14 Richmond Times-Dispatch story, "Cougars ignore stigmas, enjoy attention of younger men."


LARRY FILER, associate professor of economics, quoted in a June 13 Virginian-Pilot story, "Bankruptcy filings rise for business and individuals."

Bankruptcy Filings

LARRY WEINSTEIN, professor of philosophy, was featured in a June 11 Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science story, "The guessing game?????"

The Guessing Game

ROD EVANS, lecturer of philosophy, featured in a June 14 Virginian-Pilot story, "ODU professor's new book: 'Sorry, Wrong Answer.'"

Sorry, Wrong Answer

GARY EDGERTON, chair of communication and theatre arts, quoted in a June 10 Chicago Tribune story, "What's cookin' on the food tube."

What's Cookin'?

JAMES KOCH, president emeritus and Board of Visitors Professor of Economics, quoted in a June 15 Daily Press story, "Housing inventory is up, but can you afford it?" and a June 10 Virginian-Pilot story, "Hampton Roads foreclosure activity slows but still high."

Affordable Housing

Foreclosures Slowing

VINOD AGARWAL, professor of economics, quoted in a June 4 Virginian-Pilot story, "Region sees jump in rental market over past six months."

Rental Market Up


JOHN ADAM, University Professor of mathematics, "Fermi Problems and Estimation: The Power of Arithmetic: The Goldilocks Principle and the Geometric Mean," a talk and book signing at Noblis Inc. in Falls Church, Va. Also, paper, "On the Existence of Single and Twin Primary Zero-order Rainbows in Radially Inhomogeneous Spheres" at the 10th International Conference on Light and Color in the Atmosphere at St. Mary's College, St. Mary's City, Md. Also, two talks to teachers at the MathScience Innovation Center in Richmond, Va.: "Guesstimation, Fermi Problems and the Goldilocks Principle" and "Mathematical Patterns in Nature." Also, a talk/book signing, "A Mathematical Nature Walk," at the 26th Anja S. Greer Conference on Mathematics, Science & Technology at Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H.

GARY EDGERTON, chair of communication and theatre arts, a keynote lecture, "HBO, 'The Sopranos,' and the Transformation of Television Drama During the Digital Era" at the conference "Series d'Elite, Culture Populaire: Le Cas HBO," which was organized by the Graduate School of Social Science and Humanities at Universite de Picardie Jules Verne. It took place at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques of Paris at the Cite Internationale Universitaire.

LUISA IGLORIA, professor and director of the M.F.A. creative writing program, featured reader, "Wild Lives/Raucous Pens: Readings from Terrain and Hawk&Handsaw," offsite reading event at the 2010 AWP Annual Convention, University of Denver. Also, featured reader, "Music and Muse," sponsored by the Norfolk Cultural Commission. Also, "Poets as Legislators: Bearing Visions in Private and in Public," panel presenter and moderator, 2010 AWP Annual Conference, Denver. Also, "Reading and Panel to Celebrate the Anthology Not a Muse (Haven Books, 2009)," at the 2010 AWP Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado. Also, "Reading Beyond Amy Tan," closing keynote for the ODU Big Read program, Chesapeake Public Library.

PETER SCHULMAN, associate professor of French, a talk at the Maison Francaise of Columbia University on the French mystery writer Fred Vargas.


CRAIG BAYSE, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and E.R. RAFFERTY, undergraduate student, "Is Halogen Bonding the Basis for Iodothyronine Deiodinase Activity?" in vol. 49 of Inorganic Chemistry.

JOHN HOLSINGER, eminent professor emeritus of biological sciences, "Morphological Differences Among Eyeless Amphipods in the Genus Stygobromus Dwelling in Different Subterranean Habitats" in vol. 30 of Journal of Crustacean Biology. Co-authors are David Culver of American University, Mary Christman of the University of Florida and Tanja Pipan of Karst Research Institute in Slovenia. Also, "Two New Species of the Subterranean Amphipod Genus Stygobromus (Amphipoda: Crangonyctidae) from Siberia, with New Data on Stygobromus pusillus (Martynov) and Remarks on Morphology and Biogeographic Relationships" in no. 2478 of Zootaxa. Co-authors are Dmitry Sidorov of the Institute of Biology and Soil Science, Vladivostok, and Vadim Takhteev of Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk, Russia. Also, "Conservation Status and Habitat Use of the West Virginia Spring Salamander (Gyrinophilus subterraneus) and Spring Salamander (G. porphyriticus) in General Davis Cave, Greenbrier County, West Virginia" in vol. 5 of Herpetological Conservation and Biology. Co-authors are Mathew Niemiller of the University of Tennessee, Michael Osbourn of the University of Missouri, Dante Fenolio of the Center of Conservation Research, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Thomas Pauley of Marshall University and Brian Miller of Middle Tennessee State University.

LUISA IGLORIA, professor and director of the M.F.A. creative writing program, the following publications: "A Conversation With Kay Ryan, Poet Laureate of the U.S.," AltDaily.com, April 4, 2010


"Field Marks" in Poetry East, no. 67-68, spring 2010

"Meditation on a Seam" in the spring 2010 issue of Narrative Magazine,

Meditation on a Seam

"There's That Old Chestnut, Again" in the May 28, 2010, issue of qarrtsiluni journal, "New Classics" issue

There's That Old Chestnut Again

"At night, the sky's a parasol" and "Parable of the Fish" in the summer 2010 issue of In Posse Review, "Mask and Mirror" issue,


"Rock of Two Mouths" in the summer 2010 issue of Sweet: A Literary Confection,


"On the Difficulty of Discerning Shapes in the Distance," in the Une 2010 issue of Narrative Magazine.

PETER SCHULMAN, associate professor of French, a translation of mystery writer Maud Tabachnik's short story "An Ordinary Woman" in a recent edition of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. He also was associate producer for an Off-Off-Broadway play, Mac Wellman's "Dracula," at the Drilling Company on West 78th Street.

BURTON ST. JOHN III, assistant professor of communication, and Jeff South, associate professor of mass communications at Virginia Commonwealth University, "Reforming Journalism: The Rest of the Story" in the May/June 2010 issue of Quill, a magazine for professional journalists.

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