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Undergraduate Research Symposium is April 4

Even undergraduates are getting caught up in the enhanced research environment at Old Dominion University, and they will have a chance to present their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held on campus Saturday, April 4.

These students are finding better ways to make biodiesel fuel out of used frying oil. They are helping to frame a new computer science curriculum that supports at-risk students. They are documenting the fallout from violence depicted in children's films. They are sharpening computerized face-recognition techniques.

Also, they are tackling projects that are especially appropriate for researchers of their age, such as studying how text messaging affects family communications.

A full day of presentations beginning with registration at 8:30 a.m. is scheduled at the Diehn Fine and Performing Arts Building. The symposium is free and open to the public, but attendees are asked to register in advance at http://www.odu.edu/ao/honors/academics/symposium.shtml.

The event is being coordinated by David Metzger, dean of the ODU Honors College.

Carol Simpson, the ODU provost, will deliver opening remarks at 9 a.m. and Mohammad Karim, the vice president for research will make closing remarks at a wrapup session and reception beginning at 4:30 p.m. In between there will be five sessions of presentations and performances, as well as a lunch for participants.

Here is the schedule (Also see http://www.odu.edu/ao/honors/academics/symposium.shtml):


Session A (9:15-10:15 a.m.)


Session A1 (Diehn 107): Engineering and the Environment

Chair: Osman Akan, associate dean, Batten College of Engineering and Technology

Presenters: 1) John Whitelaw (advisor: Mujde Erten-Unal, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), "A Quantitative Analysis of Greywater Treatment by Evapotranspiration/Infiltration"; 2) Stephen Midkiff, Jacob Shingledecker, Michael Nichols, Otto Weis (advisor: Han Bao, Department of Mechanical Engineering), "Biodiesel Production Using Wasted Vegetable Oil"; 3) Michael A. Lynn (advisor: Jaewan Yoon, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), "Characterization of Estuarine Dispersion Coefficients in the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River."


Session A2 (Chandler Recital Hall): "Preparing Music: The Work that Leads to Great Performances"

Co-Chairs and Faculty Advisors: Mike Hall, Department of Music and ODU Brass Choir; Lucy Manning (Department of Music and Diehn String Quartet)

Presenters/Performers: 1) ODU Brass Choir: Justin Kohmetscher, Kathryn Mickelson, Luke Walter, "Three Brisk Creatures" by Eric North; 2) Diehn String Quartet: Anna Dobrzyn, Mary Dart, Shirley Luu, Kevin Jones, "String Quartet No. 1, Op. 50 (Movements 1 and 2) by Serge Prokofieff.


Session B (10:30-11:30 a.m.)

Session B1 (Diehn 107): "Ritual Practice in Asian Religions in America: A Functional Analysis"

Chair and faculty advisor: Dr. Araceli Suzara, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Panelists: from the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice


Session B2 (Chandler Recital Hall): "Supply Chain Management in a Global Economy"

Chair: Li Xu, Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences; advisor: Lynn (Ling) Li, Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences

Panelists: Renee Rose; Andrey Gulev; Jason Thacker


Session B3 (Diehn Foyer) poster exhibit: "Undergraduate Research in the Sciences I"

Billy Culver, Jason Shaffler (advisor: Cynthia Jones), "Cost-time Efficiency of Aging Menhaden (Brevortia tyrannus): Scales versus Otoliths"

Devina Mohan, Amanda Willoughby (advisor: Paula Mazzer), "Cytotoxic Effects of Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Particulates on Brain Tissue"

Erin Rafferty (advisor: Craig Bayse), "Modeling the Thyroid Enzyme Iodothyronine Eeiodinase"

Terri Grant (advisor, Glenn Williams), "A Practical Distance-based Method for Satisfying Torsional Information in Molecular Modeling"

Albert Kamga, Thais Bittar, (advisors: Aron Stubbins and Chris Burbage),

"Flow Cytometric Measurement of Microalgal Neutral Lipid Content"

Brian Jolemore, John Smith, Tracey Thorton, (advisor, Rich Whittecar),

"Validation and Improvement of Effective Monthly Recharge (Wem) Model for Simulating Wetland"

James Davies, Brian Jolemore, Kolleen McKenzie, Meredith McPherson, Nikki Paul, Joyce Strain (advisors: Richard Zimmerman, Gregory Cutter and Rich Whittecar), "Constraining the Nitrogen Budget of Hoffler Creek"

Meredith McPherson (advisors: Richard Zimmerman and V.J. Hill), "The Effects of Surface Canopy Properties on the Submarine Light Environment of a Macrocystis (giant kelp) Forest"

Lindsey Andrews (advisor: Charles Sukenik), "Investigation of Frequency Doubling of 840 nm Laser Light in a Power Build-up Cavity"

Robert Milletich (advisor: Michelle Kelley), "Witnessing psychological aggression and experiencing childhood emotional abuse: effects on emotional abuse in undergraduate dating relationships"

Bradley Wetzell, Matthew Pearson (advisor: James Henson), "Drinking to Cope with Anxiety: A Longitudinal Analysis of College Student Drinking"

Susan Ocean (advisor: Michelle Kelley), "Experiences of Interparental Violence and Alcohol Abuse as Related to Female Undergraduates' Dating Violence and Alcohol Misuse"

Lance Otis, Matthew Pearson (advisor: James Henson), "Urgency as a Moderator of the Relationship between Mood and Drinking Behavior: A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of college student drinking"


Session C (1-2 p.m.)

Session C1 (Diehn 107): "Art History: Theory and Practice"

Chair and advisor: Anthony Lichi (Art Department)

Presenters: 1) Jodi DeBruyne, "Devotion in Life and Art: Savonarola and Fra Bartolommeo"; 2) Amber Brown, "Rafael Moneo's National Museum of Roman Art: An Anti-Typological Response to a City and Its History"; 3) Mary Ryan Massey, "Behind the Frame: Reflections on Curating an Exhibition."


Session C2 (Diehn 136): "Learning from Experience: Internship-Based Research in Health Sciences"

Chair: Anna Jeng, Department of Community and Environmental Health; advisor: Kay Palmer (School of Nursing)

Presenters: 1) Michelle Gallina, Natasha Singletary, Jane Kim, Habi Muhiddin, Aimee Maxfield, Dana Skillman, Erica Heesch, Amanda James, "Injury Prevention Booster Seat Challenge"; Charles Kua, Katelyn Kerr, Shelly Washington, Katie Carman, Jingjing Sparrow, Shaughanassee Williams, Katharine Pairis, Renee Farmer, "Injury Prevention Home Safety"; Faith M. Tucker, "Monitoring Swimming Pools in Orange County, Florida."


Session C3 (Diehn 142): "Undergraduate Research in the Sciences II"

Chair: Craig Bayse, Department of Chemistry

Presenters: 1) Nathan Rycroft (advisor: John McConaugha), "Correlation Between Female Size and Egg Quality in the Chesapeake Bay Population of Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus"; 2) Falishia Sloan, Suzanne Cartwright, Betty Belknap, Howard White (advisor: Eva Forgacs), "Mutational Analysis of the Myosin-V Active Site


Session D (2:15-3:15)

Session D1 (Diehn 107): "Social Consequences of Mobile Media Use"

Chair and faculty advisor: Yi-Fan Chen, Department of Communication and Theatre Arts

Presenters: 1) Brandi M. Aubuchon, "Mobile Texting: Helping or Hindering Family Communication?"; 2) Christa M. Clark, "College Campus Mobile Alert Systems"; 3) Coralie N. Draper, "Texting as a Privacy Tool"; 4) Jessica E. Nix, "The Effects of Text Messaging on Writing Skills"; Jennifer L. Enriquez, student respondent


Session D2 (Diehn 142): "Biometric Technology for Human Identification"

Chair and faculty advisor: Vijayan K. Asari, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Presenters: 1) William Perry, Jeremy Glaze, Kharye Pope, Edwin Mintah, Cortland Tompkins, "Robust Iris Recognition Technique for Person Identification"; 2) Mame Sane, Tiffany Sands, Fides Nzirubusa, Tiffanee Watkins, Jacob Foytik, "Identity Verification by Face Authentication"; 3) Thomas Mercier, "Pediatric Fingerprint Enhancement, Comparison, and Growth Projection."


Session D3 (Diehn 136): "Tidewater Voices (oral history and dialect project

Chair and faculty advisor: Bridget Anderson, English Department

Presenters: 1)Tyler Yowell, " Screening and Discussion of a Documentary Video"; 2) Amber Gruszeczka , "In Their Own Words: Producing the Tidewater Voices Book and CD"


Session E (3:30-4:30)

Session E1 (Diehn 107): "Geoinformatics"

Chair and faculty advisor: Hua Liu, Department of Political Science and Geography

Presenters: 1)Paul B. Anderson, "Mapping the Old Dominion University Main Campus in 3D"; 2) Wendy Hill, "Warehouse Site Selection using GIS"; 3) Patrick Dale, "The Management of River Rouge Sports Club with Global Information System Applications."


Session E2 (Diehn 142): "The Physical Eye and the Eye of Analysis: Explorations in the Philosophy and History of Science"

Chair and faculty advisor: William Jones, Department of Philosophy

Presenters: 1) Kester McCullough, "The Vindication of the Atomic Theory"; 2) Aryles Hedjar, "The Discovery of Viruses"; 3) Jessie Sheffield, "Continental Drift: A Tradition of Inquiry."


Session E3 (Poster Session, Diehn Foyer): "Undergraduate Research in Sociology and Criminal Justice"

Faculty advisors: Garland White and Donald Smith, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Presenters: 1) Kristyn Birkeland, April Bunch, Rebecca Hubbard, Ann Wheeler, "Violence in Children's Films"; 2) Ciara Hammack, Sarah Gibson, Katherine Tucker, Sean Bell, "Landscapes of Fear: The ODU Campus"; 3) Eric Nolen, Nichole Giraldi, Aisha Wilson, Amanda Conroy, Adam DeLucenay, "Group Foreign Charter"

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