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The Dec. 2 New York Times Book Review featured a positive piece on "Frank Lloyd Wright & Lewis Mumford: Thirty Years of Correspondence," a recent work edited by Robert Wojtowicz, associate professor of art at Old Dominion University, and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, directos of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives.

The book is composed of letters between Wright, who is "generally acknowledged to be the greatest American architect of the 20th century," and Mumford, "his ablest and most perceptive critic." The review states that the two began their correspondence "more as collaborators than confidants," but the relationship turned to one of friendship. However, differences of opinion on World War II strained the relationship, though it did not end.

The Times review by Tom Vanderbilt concludes with the following statement: "In this well-edited collection of letters, a moving record of the generative and fractious power of ideas, a cautionary tale of apprenticeship and the anxiety of influence, we are intrigued by what this epochal encounter produced, and haunted by what more might have been."

This article was posted on: December 3, 2001

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