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The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for May 2010. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

GREGORY CUTTER, professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Selenium Biogeochemistry in Rivers Receiving Direct Fly Ash Inputs"; Oak Ridge Associated University, $101,965.

JEAN DELAYEN, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, "Post-Doctoral Research Associate Support for 500 MHZ, 499 MHZ and 400 MHZ SRF Cavities"; Niowave Inc., $150,000.

LAWRENCE DOTOLO, executive director, Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education, "U.S. Joint Forces Staff College Eval Writing Skills"; USJFSC, $20,000.

JOSEF DUDEK, assistant professor of physics, "Jeffress: Hadron Spectroscopy from Lattice QCD"; Jeffress Research Grants Program, $20,000.

HOLLY GAFF, assistant professor of community and environmental health, and YIANNIS PAPELIS, research associate professor, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "Rift Valley Fever Modeling and Analysis"; Georgetown University Medical Center, $78,000.

JAMES HENSON, assistant professor of psychology, "A Daily Process Examination of Unintended Drinking Among College Students"; ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research, $50,000.

KAAVONIA HINTON-JOHNSON, assistant professor, and LEA LEE, associate professor, teaching and learning, "Tidewater Writing Project, 2010-11"; National Writing Project, $46,000.

JOHN HOLSINGER, eminent professor emeritus of biological sciences, "Descriptions of New Species of Amphipod Crustaceans in the Genus Stygobromus (Crangonyctidae) from Subterranean Groundwater Habitats in Maryland"; Maryland Department of Natural Resources, $3,000.

ANNA JENG, assistant professor of community and environmental health, "Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Male Sperm Quality"; U.S. Public Health Service, $234,283.

ASAD KHATTAK, professor of civil and environmental engineering, "Comparative Analysis of Virginia University National Household Travel Survey"; Virginia Department of Transportation, $90,000.

SEBASTIAN KUHN, professor and eminent scholar of physics, "From Quarks to Nuclei - Stimulus Supplement"; U.S. Department of Energy, $737,000. Co-PIs from physics are: CHARLES HYDE, professor; LAWRENCE WEINSTEIN, professor; STEPHEN BUELTMANN, assistant professor; and MOSKOV AMARYAN, associate professor.

MOUNIR LAROUSSI and SHIRSHAK DHALI, professors of electrical and computer engineering, "2010 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science - Student Travel Support"; National Science Foundation, $10,000.

MICHAEL NELSON, associate professor of computer science, "Integrating the Past Web into the Current Web"; Library of Congress, $450,000.

BRYAN PORTER, associate professor of psychology, "Virginia Occupant Protection Survey 2010"; Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, $70,287.

DESH RANJAN, professor and chair of computer science, "Center for Research Excellence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology"; New Mexico State University, $99,999 and $99,994. Co-PIs are MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR, professor, and JING HE, associate professor, computer science.

BILLIE REED, executive director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, "Orbital Sciences Corp. Tel Launch Equipment"; Virginia Environmental Endowment, $7,506,177.

STACIE RINGLEB, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, "Development, Assessment and Validation of Physical Training Regimens for: Code 30, Dr. Roy Stripling, HPTE"; Office of Naval Research, $106,000. Co-PIs are: DAYANAND NAIK, professor of mathematics and statistics; DAVID SWAIN, professor of human movement sciences; and STEVE MORRISON, associate professor of physical therapy.

DAWN ROTHE, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, "The Catalysts that Facilitate and Impede the Implementation of Post-Conflict Modalities of Justice"; U.S. Institute of Peace, $80,000.

PETER SEDWICK, associate professor, and GREGORY CUTTER, professor, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "A New Approach to Quantifying the Release of Bioactive Trace Elements from Coal Combustion Products to Natural Waters"; Oak Ridge Associated University, $99,979.

This article was posted on: July 8, 2010

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