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With the onset of cooler weather, the arrival of colds, flu and other common but infectious diseases can be expected. Recent media attention on infectious diseases in Virginia, such as MRSA, inevitably raises concerns about their potential transmission among a close-knit community.

Health officials cite practicing good hygiene as the best preventive measure against infectious diseases, including MRSA. The Old Dominion University community is reminded, therefore, of these simple personal hygiene tips:

- Wash your hands often, especially before meals and after using the restroom.
- Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant cleansers or a bleach solution, especially "high touch" surfaces, such as door handles, tabletops and desks or study areas.
- Wipe perspiration from exercise equipment following workouts.
- Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands afterward.
- Dispose of used tissues in the trash.
- Increase your resistance levels with proper rest, diet and exercise.
- Cover skin abrasions or cuts with a clean, dry bandage until healed.
- Avoid sharing personal items (e.g., towels, razors) that come into contact with your bare skin.

For more information, contact Student Health Services (683-3132) or your health-care professional.

This article was posted on: October 24, 2007

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