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The rise of China has become a focal point of attention worldwide, from products "Made in China" filing our shops, to outsourcing labor and political impacts like finding new approaches to solve flash point issues in the region, such as the North Korea nuclear crisis and the potential war in the Taiwan Strait.

In light of these issues, "The International and Domestic Implications of the Rise of China" national conference will be held at Old Dominion University Oct. 28-29.

The goal of this project is to further explore the implications of the rise of China as a global power in the coming decade. The conference is organized by the Global Forum of Chinese Political Scientists (housed at American University), in cooperation with Old Dominion University.

Two panels on October 28 (Friday) will open to the public. The first will be held at Chesapeake-Portsmouth-Virginia Beach Room of the Webb Center,
starting at 9:50 am. The second will be a public symposium at 7:30 pm., Oct. 28 at MGB 101. Three featured panelists from China, Taiwan and United States will explore from different perspectives the international and domestic implications of the
rise of China as a global and regional power.

Leading China scholars from the United States,China, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore will attend this international conference, presenting their research papers on the rise of China and its global and regional implications.
Final results of the research papers presented at this conference will be published in one or two monographs.

For more information please call 683-3949.

China (4)
Jia, Qingguo (Beijing University)
Ni, Shixiong (Fudan University)
Qin, Yaqing (Foreign Affairs College)
Song, Xinning (Remin University)
Taiwan (3)
Chu Yun-han (National Taiwan University)
Hsu, S. Philip (Naional Taiwan University)
Huang, Min-hua (National Chengchi University)
Hong Kong (3)
James Tang (Hong Kong University)
Joseph Yu-Shek Cheng (City University of Hong Kong)
Ting, Wai (Hong Kong Baptist University)
The United States (13)
Chen, Jie (Old Dominion University)
T.J. Cheng (College of William and Mary)
Yi Feng, Claremont Graduate University
Shujian Guo (San Francisco State University)
John Hsieh (University of South Carolina)
Qiu Jin (Old Dominion University)
Cheng Li (Hamilton College)
Yan Sun (Queen's College-SUNY)
Xiushi Yang (Old Dominion University)
Ka Zeng (University of Arkansas)
Quansheng Zhao (American University)
Yang Zhong (University of Tennessee)
Kate Xiao Zhou (University of Hawaii)
Japan (2)
Li Enmin (Obirin University)
Liu Jie (Waseda University)
Singapore (1)
Laito Lee (National University of Singapore)
Australia (1)
You Ji (University of New South Wales)

This article was posted on: October 17, 2005

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