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Shaomin Li, professor of business administration at Old Dominion University, appears in the Sept. 25 edition of The Wall Street Journal.

In a letter to the editor, Li critiques the editorial-page commentary "No More Chinese Whispers" by James McGregor. McGregor's article originally appeared in the paper Sept. 12.

"Mr. McGregor fails to distinguish China the country and China the regime. We criticize the Chinese regime because it is not freely elected, and because it grossly violates basic human rights, not because we hate the Chinese people," said Li.

At Old Dominion since 2002, Li's teaching and research interests include global environment of business, political economy, strategy, and e-business. His current research focuses on the business environment in countries undergoing rapid political and economic transitions. He holds a degree from Peking University, a doctoral degree from Princeton University and was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University.

To read the full letter visit http://www.odu.edu/webroot/orgs/IA/university_news.nsf/articles/09262006090813AM. For a copy of McGregor's original article visit http://www.odu.edu/webroot/orgs/IA/university_news.nsf/articles/09262006091752AM.

This article was posted on: September 26, 2006

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