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September 25, 2003

Dear Faculty, Staff and Student Colleagues:

Hurricane Isabel caused the university to be closed from 8 a.m. Wednesday, September 17, through 1 p.m. Monday, September 22. We lost almost an entire week of the semester. President Runte, Vice President Burnett, other vice presidents and I have discussed alternatives for making up most or all of the missed class time. I have also consulted the Faculty Senate and student leadership.

The only viable alternative would have been to use the days set aside for fall break, October 11-14. We did, in fact, receive support from the groups mentioned above to cancel the break and use that time to cover the missed classes. However, all of the university community has suffered as a result of this storm. Many are still without power and others have sustained damage to their homes, which need attention. This event has shown the strength and endurance of the Old Dominion community and I am convinced we can cope with any difficulty.

In consultation with President Runte last night, we concluded that the university needs, even more than make-up class days, a recess and opportunity to turn our attention to other things. Therefore, we have decided that we will maintain the original schedule, observe the fall break, and hold final examinations and commencement at the scheduled times.

This means that faculty and students will have to work together to guarantee that all critical material is covered in the shortened class time we have this semester. Earlier I asked all faculty to be flexible on attendance requirements, assignments and deadlines, especially where major graded work, such as examinations, is involved. I now ask all students to be responsible and diligent in completing their work and to cooperate with the faculty as they make necessary adjustments to their syllabi and schedules. It is early in the semester and we should be able to accomplish the stated goals of all courses. Please let my office know if you have any particular problems with which we can help.

I appreciate all the good counsel received from various individuals as we considered our course of action. Please accept the appreciation and respect that President Runte and I have for you and for the way the entire university community worked together to minimize the damage, both physical and educational, done by Hurricane Isabel.

Thanks to all faculty, staff and students.

Tom Isenhour, Provost

This article was posted on: September 25, 2003

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