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August 1, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

I have received a request from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee that I cancel the search for the Provost's position and start anew. This request is based on two issues. The first is that in the ad, which was approved by the Equal Opportunity Office, I wrote that the preferred candidate would have experience at the decanal level from Old Dominion University or a doctoral-level university of a similar or higher rank. Members of the Senate Executive Committee feel that this statement would discourage applications from external candidates. This was not the intent nor is it the case. To date we have received only applications from external candidates.

As I indicated to you in my letter announcing the search, it will be fair and open. I will, to re-affirm this commitment, post another advertisement without this phrase. I will ask the committee to delay the review of files. I will ask that applicants to date receive a note indicating that we decided to extend the date of review and that we hope that they will maintain their candidacy.

It is a professional courtesy to recognize the work of one's colleague. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee also believes that I should not have written a positive statement about Provost Isenhour's service to the university. I was reminded today that I wrote a similar statement about Dr. David Hager, following his extensive and repeated service as Interim Provost. I had received numerous messages from people, unfamiliar with the five-year term, asking what happened to the Provost. This letter provides information that needs to be disseminated. I was asked to remove this text from our web site but the Senate minutes are also on the web and since they refer to the letter, there is no point in honoring this request.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee also asked that the composition of the Search Committee be reviewed and that additional faculty members be added. I am willing to accede to this request and will add some names. I note that in addition to representation on the search committee, all faculty have the opportunity to participate in the search process by attending the candidates' presentations and providing feedback to the search committee.

I fully understand that whatever is done relating to this search will be questioned by some. The process must move forward and rely on the established fair and equitable procedures. Further, we must rely on the mature judgement of our respected colleagues.

Sincerely yours,

Roseann Runte

This article was posted on: August 1, 2007

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