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The Faculty Senate voted without dissent to recommend adding a bachelor of fine arts in acting program as part of the university's degree offerings.

In its rationale statement, the senate's Undergraduate Curriculum and Programs Committee noted, "Implementing this program seems prudent in light of the current financial difficulties in the state. It requires modest expenditures, as it utilizes faculty already here and adjuncts who are in the area. It does not conflict with the only other such program at VCU."

The senate also voted to recommend approval of a proposal from the university Experiential Learning Committee to clarify the policy and procedures regarding Experiential Learning, and to bring the fee schedule in line with fee changes made by the Board of Visitors in April 2001.

In other action, the senate voted to recommend a number of revisions to the Graduate Continuance Policy. Regarding the area of Graduate Continuance Regulations, the following language was among the recommended revisions: "At the end of each semester - fall, spring and summer - the graduate continuance adviser reviews records of students who do not maintain a 3.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA). Graduate students, whether degree- or nondegree-seeking, who do not have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 will be placed on probation."

The following language was among the revisions recommended for the Probation/ Suspension Policy for Graduate Students: "No student may remain on probation more than two consecutive semesters. Failure to attain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 after two semesters of probation will result in indefinite suspension from the university."

Among the recommended revisions to the Reinstatement Policy for Suspended Graduate Students was: "Graduate students suspended while in a degree-seeking program must receive approval from the graduate program director prior to seeking reinstatement to the graduate degree program. Students must make a formal appeal in accordance with the Reinstatement Policy."

According to the rationale statement put forth by the senate's Graduate Studies Committee, the proposed changes "make the students more responsible for their academic performance and streamline the process and procedure concerning Graduate Continuance Regulations."

On the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee, the senate also voted to endorse other revisions to the catalog regarding Graduate Education, including the following language to replace that in the Graduate Writing Proficiency Policy: "Each graduate department or program will develop specific policies and procedures for evaluating and, if necessary, upgrading student writing."

In other matters, the senate voted to recommend the following addition to the Policy on Emeritus Appointment: "Should a qualifying faculty member [die] before actual retirement, his or her chair may recommend him or her for posthumous emeritus/emerita recognition."

All of the senate recommendations will be forwarded to President Roseann Runte for her consideration.

Also at the Feb. 20 meeting, Ken Daley, professor of art, was elected to succeed Harold Wilson, associate professor of history, as vice chair of the senate. Alan Harris, associate professor emeritus of history, was approved as chair of the senate's Undergraduate Curriculum and Programs Committee.

The Faculty Senate's most recent meeting was held the afternoon of March 20, but could not be covered in time for this issue due to The Courier's printing schedule.

This article was posted on: March 27, 2002

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