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Hampton Roads area students from 6th through the 12th grade will have the opportunity to prove just how much they know about computers Saturday, March 15, by participating in the 18th Annual Great Computer Challenge at Old Dominion University.

Co-sponsored by Old Dominion, WHRO and the Consortium for Interactive Instruction (CII), the competition challenges students to demonstrate their skills in various computer applications and programming by solving problems they might face in the "real world." The Computer Challenge has two different divisions: a Senior Division for grades 6-12 (to be held March 15), and a Junior Division for grades K-5 (to be held May 3).

In the Senior Division competition, students will compete in the following categories: Desktop Presentations, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Arts, Music, Web Design, Integrated Applications, Visual Basic Programming, C++ Programming and Computer Assisted Design (CAD).

Past challenges for the Senior Division have included:

· You are a staff member working for the director of the SuperHuman Soccer League which consists of 10 teams. Your job is to keep track of all the scores and the different statistics of these 10 teams. In the middle of the season you find out that it is difficult and error-prone to keep all the data on paper. Since you just finished a computer course, you decide to develop a system to keep track of all the information for the league teams. You are required to provide reports to the different teams on their current league status and trends. (Integrated Applications category, grades 9-12)
· Your school publishes a phone directory each year. You have been tasked to design this year's directory. Create the cover and one page of the directory with six student entries on the page. (Desktop Publishing category, grades 6-8)

Old Dominion faculty and staff, as well as local business leaders, will judge the competition, which will be held in Webb University Center. First, second and third place, as well as honorable mention, will be recognized in each category.

For more information visit the Great Computer Challenge Web site at http://www.whro.org/education/cii/gcc.shtml.

This article was posted on: March 14, 2003

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