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Old Dominion University's Center for Advanced Engineering Environments (CAEE) has selected the Brainboost Answer Engine as a key component for a breakthrough research platform under development.

The project, sponsored by NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, represents a bold new approach in research support systems. Comprised of a hub of technologies, the futuristic research environment combines multiple technology platforms to facilitate a scenario whereby a researcher can pose a question in natural language and receive an answer in seconds.

Brainboost represents the third generation of search engines that go the extra mile to actually read all the search results and extract the plain-English answer to the users' plain-English questions. This translates into hours of time saved for users sifting through the vast domain of content now available on the Internet and on corporate Intranets. Brainboost may be accessed independently at http://www.brainboost.com.

While many current search engines are exploring the facilitation of linking user questions to existing databases such as encyclopedias and pre-canned answers, only brainboost leverages the full power of the vast amount of information on the internet to answer even the most obscure question through the use of state of the art natural language processing technology in the form of the Brainboost Answerrank system.

"We are pleased to work with Brainboost and to use their elaborate question /answering engine in our proof-of-concept test bed of the next-generation intelligent information retrieval facility. The facility will significantly enhance the productivity of the NASA workforce, and enable the new paradigm of mobile learning to our students," said Ahmed Noor, William E. Lobeck Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Old Dominion and director of CAEE.

"We are very pleased that Brainboost's superior question answering engine was selected to be part of this initiative. We look forward to supporting Old Dominion's Center for Advanced Engineering Environments on this revolutionary mission and expect that we will evolve the Brainboost Answer Engine's capabilities to an even greater level," said Assaf Rozenblatt, Founder and CTO of Brainboost.

The Brainboost Answer Engine is the only commercial product of its kind to offer an out of the box solution for answer extraction. This allows Brainboost's customers to commingle answers culled from multiple origins into a comprehensive set of relevant answers in plain English. Brainboost can make sense of your unstructured documents like HTML, PDF and Word, with no training or classification required.

This article was posted on: March 9, 2005

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