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Paul Buhle, a professor at Brown University, will present a lecture "Anarchists, Liberals and Libertarian Conservatives, from Haymarket to Baghdad: A Long Strange Story" March 16 from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. in Chandler Recital Hall in the Diehn Fine and Performing Arts Center.

Buhle, who believes bitter dissatisfaction with the Bush administration has resulted in a greater interest in anarchism among young Americans than at any time since 1920, is the author of numerous books on left-wing politics and social movements in the US.

The lecture is sponsored by the History Department of Old Dominion University.

Buhle, who is editor with Nicole Schulman of "Wobblies! A Graphic History" (Verso, 2005), says, "The overwhelming power of the state in our own society prompts anarchist responses."

"Wobblies:A Graphic History" tells the stories behind the industrial labor workers union, the most important labor union in US history, including comics about the founding convention, the Lawrence 1912 strike, Mexican agrarian revolt, and the personalities of Big Bill Haywood, Carlo Tresca, Emma Goldman, Mother Jones, Joe Hill and Ricardo Flores Magon. With artwork by Mike Alewitz, Chris Cardinale, Sue Coe, Carlos Cortez, Fly, Sabrina Jones, Peter Kuper, Josh MacPhee, Mac McGill, Dylan Miner, Nicole Schulman, Sue Siminsky Bietela, Seth Tobocman and a dozen others.

There are a number of movements with anarchist tendencies, including eco-warriors, prisoners' rights advocates, Wobblies, Critical Massers, international justice supporters, peace groups, and feminist and anti-racism activists, among others. According to Buhle, not all of these groups collaborate, or even know what the other is doing, and despite some shared beliefs, it's unlikely you could get them in a room together. He contends anarchist and related movements are rarely mentioned, much less discussed seriously by the major news organs, in a culture where the preoccupation with "red" and "blue" states narrows the range of debate.

This article was posted on: March 1, 2006

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