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The Office of Finance has instituted new billing changes for Old Dominion University students.

The Office of Finance no longer issues paper bills. All student bills are now delivered electronically to ODU administered e-mail address.

Failure to receive a billing statement does not release a student from payment responsibility. Students are required to activate their student e-mail accounts, which will ensure timely receipt of billing statements. Billing statements can also be accessed through LEO Online.

By opening the e-bill, students can see their latest billing statements and make payments. You can also authorize your parents, guardians, or an employer to access your bill and set up stored payment profiles. On your e-bill, the due date for each charge is displayed to the left of each applicable charge.

Students with outstanding debts are denied university services until all debts are paid in full. Students will be permitted to drop current or future term courses at the registrar's office during the specified tuition refund periods. Student accounts are subject to the financial policies of Old Dominion University, as specified in the university catalog.

At 30 days past due, a late penalty of 10% of the outstanding balance is assessed. The late penalty indicates that your account is past due. Unless the debt is resolved, the university will advance the matter to the next step in the collection process, and you risk tarnishing your credit rating.

Once an account is 60 days past due, repayment arrangements must be made directly with the collection agency, and the account holder bears the costs associated with collection efforts. The costs associated with collection efforts are 33.33% of the outstanding balance, which is the standard and customary amount for the collection industry.

Bills can be paid in person at the Office of Finance, 102 Rollins Hall; online at http://www.leoonline.odu.edu; or by mail to Office of Finance, Old Dominion University, Alfred B. Rollins, Jr. Hall, Norfolk VA 23529-0046.

For more information e-mail tuition@odu.edu.

This article was posted on: March 1, 2006

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