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President Roseann Runte has appointed Provost Thomas L. Isenhour to lead Old Dominion University's next Strategic Planning Committee, which will culminate in a strategic plan for 2005-10.

In crafting the next five-year plan (ODU's previous Strategic Plan covers the years 2000-05), the committee will be asked to keep in mind the following goals:

- Increase academic quality, retain faculty and gain a national reputation for excellence (to be among the nation's top 100 research universities);
- Create an agenda and climate that encourages research;
- Increase graduate programming;
- Create a viable, lively campus community in a beautiful setting, conducive to learning;
- Integrate all services, colleges and academic programs;
- Make the campus community sensitive to the region and world around it; and
- Find the means necessary to accomplish all of the above.

As the collective vision of Old Dominion University, the resulting document should be inclusive and comprehensive, yet succinct - no more than 20 pages - and conform to the university mission statement, Runte said.

"The final plan must have considerable focus so that we do not attempt to be all things to all people at a time of insufficient resources," she noted. "It must be possible. The goals must be achievable and must be accompanied by timelines."

The planning process will include focus groups and open hearings to gain input from both the university community and the residents of Hampton Roads, as well as consultations with Old Dominion's various boards. Once all of the information is collected, the vice presidents and other members of the President's Council will review the material, prioritize where necessary and submit a draft document to the president for her review.

The final plan will be submitted this November to the Board of Visitors for its approval.

This article was posted on: February 5, 2004

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