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Ten junior faculty members have been awarded $6,000 each in this year's Summer Faculty Fellowship Program competition.

The fellowships, administered by the Old Dominion University Research Foundation, provide the faculty with funds and a small expense account while they conduct research or scholarly activities for an eight-week period during the summer.

The funds that support this program come from indirect costs recovered from sponsored program awards to the university
for faculty activities.

Thirty-nine applications were submitted.

"The breadth and depth of the proposals that were submitted this year provides a hint of the incredible talent that is represented by our new colleagues," said Robert L. Ash, interim associate vice president for
research and graduate studies. "The pressure is on our experienced colleagues to help generate the additional research funds needed to help support about twice this number of proposals."

The selection process includes peer review, much like faculty would encounter when applying outside of the university. That task is performed with the help of the Faculty Senate's Scholarly Activity and Research Committee, which was chaired by Robert Rose, professor of biological sciences.

Recipients of this year?s fellowships are:

- Craig Bayse, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, "Computational Studies of Platinum and Ruthenium Antitumor Drugs."

- Joseph Cosco, assistant professor of English, "'Hang the Dangoes!' Newspaper Coverage of American's Greatest Mass Lynching and Its Aftermath."

- Kenneth Fitzgerald, assistant professor of art, "The News of the Whirled #4."

- Margaret Mulholland, assistant professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Nutritional Factors Promoting Blooms in the Chesapeake Bay."

- John Nunnery, assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, "The Relationship Between Design Type and Change in Schools Implementing Comprehensive School Restructuring Designs."

- James Oleson, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, "Crimes of Genius."

- Brian Silberman, assistant professor of English, "Research for the Writing of a Full-length Play Entitled 'False.'"

- Heidi Schlipphacke, assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures, "One Must Teach Others to Love Virtue: Charity and Female Identity in Sophie von La Roche's 'Pomona fuer Teurschlands Toechter.'"

- Keith Williamson, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, "Laser Bonding Ceramic to Metals."

- Yin Xu, assistant professor of accounting, "The Effect of Interpersonal Similarity on Managers' Use of Accounting Information in Performance Evaluation: An Attributional Approach."

This article was posted on: January 14, 2002

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