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Nancy Bagranoff, Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration, was named the 2007 J. Worth Pickering Administrator of the Year by the Old Dominion University Association of University Administrators. The Pickering Award recognizes evidence of major contributions that have made an impact on either the campus or off-campus communities.

The announcement was made at the AUA annual year-end program April 18. At the event, the AUA also launched a new faculty administrator recognition program, where F/As with at least five years of service to the university received a certificate. The following individuals were recognized:

Forty years: James Jarrett, Athletics

Thirty-five years: Wayne Burton, Library Public Services; William McMahon, Academic Affairs.

Thirty years: James Calliotte, Student Success Services; Lawrence Dotolo, Tidewater Consortium; Edward Fraim, Athletic Fund Raising; Carolyn McCollum, Student Success Services; and Cynthia Swaine, Library Public Services.

Twenty-five years: Judith Bowman, University College; Robert Curry, Distance Learning; Julie Dodd, Women's Center; William (Rick) Fisher, Michael Little, OCCS; Donna Meeks, Administration and Finance; Jerry Robertson, Engineering Shop, Finance Office; Ann Tatman, OCCS; G. W. Thompson, Student Success Services; Deborah Swiecinski, Budget Office; Lenora Thompson, Counseling Services; Deborah White, Athletics.

Twenty years: Elizabeth Anders, Athletics; Edith Barnett, Distance Learning; Ann Donohoe, Athletics; Carolyn Eakin, Admissions; Morel Fry, Library Administration; Carol Hudson, Athletics; Glenda Humphreys, Human Resources; Deborah Kinney, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Wendy Larry, Athletics; Pamela Morgan, Library Technical Services; Worth Pickering, University Planning & Institutional Research; Martha Sharpe, University Planning & Institutional Research; and Rusty Waterfield, OCCS.

Fifteen years: Kerry Beers-Gronbech, Victoria Burke, University Publications; Admissions; Darryl Cummings, Summer Camp Women's Tennis; Terence Durkin, Student Housing; Veronica Finch, Financial Aid Office; Jennifer Foss, Student Health Services; Walton Hooks, Physics; Scott Johnson, Athletics; Alice McAdory, Admissions; Susan Mitchell, Webb Center Operations; Susan Myers, Athletics; Nola Nicholson, Teacher Education Services; Renee Olander, Virginia Beach Higher Education Center; Ann Pettingill; Library Public Services; Billie Reed, Research Foundation; Donald Runyon, Auxiliary Services; Nancy Schaffer, Library Public Services; Barry Smith, Tri-Cities Center; Sue Stahl, Athletics; Ollie Tolliver, Upward Bound Program; Cecelia Tucker, Community Relations; Karen Vaughan, Library Public Services; Tom Wunderlich, Career Management Center; and Andrew Zucker, Athletics.

Ten years: Berndt Bohm, Engineering; Mitchell Brindley, Athletics; John Broderick, Institutional Advancement; Peter Bruce, Library Technical Services; Douglas Brown, Teletechnet Distance Learning; Mark Brown, Athletics; Lesa Clark, African-American Cultural Center; Todd Cockrell, University Planning and Institutional Research; James Corrigan, Athletics; Alan Dawson, Athletics; Renee Dunman, Equal Opportunity/AA; Elizabeth Esinhart, Interdisciplinary Studies; Robert Fenning, Administration & Finance; Stuart Frazer, Library Public Services; Martha Garris, Darden College of Education; Deane Hennett, University Auditor; Brian Hodson, Darden College of Education; Arminda Israel, Teacher Education Services; Stephen Johnson, Study Abroad; Janet Justis, Library Public Services; James Long, Parking Facilities; Richard Massey, Foundation Accounting; Terri Mathews, College of Sciences; Sheryn Milton, Disability Services; Virginia O'Herron, Library Administration; James Pearson, Real Estate/Space Management; Joseph Pereira, Athletics; Tina Price, Athletics; Francis Puchalski, Programs for Continued Education; David Radcliffe, Military Programs; Meghan Reed, Recreational Sports; Vera Riddick, Financial Aid; September Sanderlin, Human Resources; Kim Sibson, Engineering; Judith St. George, Student Health Services; Mary Swartz, Registrar's Office; Lisa Temple, Programs for Continued Learning; Karen Travis, Institutional Advancement; Elaine Ward, Teletechnet; Sandra Waters, Captain Frank Whalen, Military Liaison; Undergraduate Continuance; Carol Withus, Summer Camp Swimming; Ronald Woodard, Teletechnet Distance Learning; and Wayne Woodhams, Academic Affairs.

Five years: M'Hammed Abdous, Center for Learning Technology; Jemima Addico, Student Health Services; Cynthia Ballentine, North Virginia Higher Education Center; Elizabeth Batu, Registrar's Office; Mark Benson, Athletic Fund Raising; Rickey Berry, Materiel Management; Alonzo Brandon, Office of Development; April Brecht, Athletics; Jerome Brinker, Office Of Development; Sabrina Bruno, Teletechnet Planning; Glenn Bunton, Library Technical Services; Leigh Butler, Teacher Education Services; Andrew Casiello, Academic Television Services; David Chase, Military Programs; Jennifer Mullen, Institutional Advancement; Ruth Cookson, College of Business and Public Administration Virginia Council on Economic Education; Ann Craddock, Hosa Support; Laura Czerniak, Career Management Center; Traci Daniels, Equal Opportunity/AA; Michael Dean, Study Abroad; Chandra deSilva, Dean College of Arts and Letters; Kirk Dewyea, Teletechnet Distance Learning; James Duffy, Budget Office; Sara Eser, International Student Services; Dillard George, Facilities Management; William Gideon, Military Programs; Stuart Gordon, Center for Learning Technologies; Velvet Grant-Johnson, Office of the President; William Graves, Dean Darden College of Education; Tonia Graves, Library Technical Services; Charles Gray, Athletics; Lisa Hall, Teletechnet; Regenia Hill, Teletechnet Distance Learning; Marena Hill-Bartos, Teletechnet Distance Learning; Elizabeth Hogue, Library Public Services; Heather Holt, Athletics; Michael Holt, Academic Skills; Donna Hughes-Oldenburg, Library Technical Services; Heather Huling, Distance Learning Support; Katherine Huntoon, Art; Thomas Isenhour, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs; Clyde Johnson, African-American Cultural Center; Kelly Jo Karnes, Student Affairs; Michael Kosloski, Deca Support; Patrick Kotten Athletics; Steven Litherland, Library Public Services; Scott Lowery, Athletics; Natalie MacCall, Foundation Accounting; Robert Marbury, Recreational Sports; Norlisa Mayes, Undergraduate Continuance; Karen Medina, English Language Center; Constance Merriman, College of Business and Public Administration; James Midyette, Academic Skills; Michele Mitchell, Interdisciplinary Studies; Tammera Nielsen, Interdisciplinary Studies; Robert Norman, Peninsula Higher Education Center; Robert Olson, Auxiliary Services; Priya Panikkar, Office of Development; Lakeisha Phelps, Admissions Office; Sheila Powell, College of Business and Public Administration Executive Development Center; Miguel Ramlatchan, TV Technical Services; Steven Risch, International Admissions; June Ritchie, Center for Learning Technologies; Nancy Rudolph, Teletechnet Distance Learning; Roseann Runte, University President; Victoria Sager, Teletechnet; Christine Savage, Teletechnet Distance Learning; Linda Sheridan, North Virginia Higher Ed Center; Greg Smith, Athletics; Donald Stansberry, Student Affairs; Patricia Steen, University Planning and Institutional Research; Blaine Taylor, Athletics; Lesli Terrell-Payne, Teletechnet; Tancy Vandecar-Burdin, Social Science Research Center; Erin Wendell, Admissions Office; Robert Wilkes, Athletics; Zhao Yang, University Planning and Institutional Research; Kimberly Zivkovich, Athletics.

This article was posted on: April 27, 2007

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