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Old Dominion University's College of Health Sciences will sponsor a Research Day and Book Fair Wednesday, March 21, in the Hampton/Newport News Room and River Rooms of Webb University Center.

Events begin at 4 p.m. with a speakers reception and poster viewing. Frank Macrina, the Edward Myers Professor and Director of the Philips Institute, a research institute in the School of Dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University, will deliver a keynote address at 5 p.m. His talk is titled "Authorship in Science: Policies, Principles and Practice."

Oral presentations of six research projects will be presented at 6 p.m. and an awards ceremony will conclude the evening at 7 p.m. Health-related book publishers from many different companies will be on hand throughout.

For more information call 683-4256.

Research to be presented includes:

"Violence Across the Lifespan: Effects on Health & Access to Care in U.S. Women," a look at the lifetime burden of violence (i.e., child abuse, physical assault, rape, etc.). Some 50 percent of women have experienced some violence in their life and those victims tend to be in poorer physical and mental health. Only a third have discussed it with a physician.

"Health Status of Asian Indian Immigrants in the U.S.," a look at health promotion behaviors of Asian Indians, one of fastest growing immigrant groups in U.S. This population tends to have lower rates of physical activity and nutrition, but is high in interpersonal skills and spiritual growth. Women do much better then men in being responsible for health.

"Implementation Theory & Determinants For Success: A Case Study of Televised Distance Learning Implementation in an Urban University," a study of facilitators and barriers to implementing distance learning programs at Old Dominion.

"Strategic Alignment Tool for Health Administrators," an analysis of the degree to which decision makers in health care organizations are in agreement to how the organization operates. Trade-offs and conjoint analysis are used to quantify decisions; however, the concept of alignment is not captured.

"Pilot Study to Validate a Method of Early Pregnancy Detection in the Dog," developed because pseudocyesis makes it difficult to determine if a dog is pregnant. Of particular interest to animal breeders, the study noted a clumping pattern found in slide analysis of vaginal smears is not found in dogs that are not pregnant, but is found in those that are.

"Effects of Managed Care on Stress Levels of Pediatric and Geriatric Care Physical Therapists," a comparison of the causes and levels of stress in pediatric and geriatric physical therapists. Geriatric therapists are impacted more by stress of managed care than pediatric therapists. Several causes were identified -- managers who not have a background in physical therapy, inadequate staffing, clients not improving, and salary and benefit cuts.

The following are the topics for postings:

Comparison of Selected Gait Parameters in Hemiparetic Patients While Walking With A Lofstrand Crutch and a Quad Cane

Factors that impace regional variations in pediatric hospitalization

Survey of Texas dental hygienists regarding education of elder abuse

Predictors of emergency room utilization by adults with disabilities

Women working toward safety (domestic violence)

Effectiveness of distance education strategies on student achievement in a multidisciplinary research methods course

HMOs v. traditional indemnity insurance plans: relationship access, qaulity, utilization and cost of dental care

Distant intentionality in prevention of complications in hospitalized cardiac patients v. alcoholic inpatients

Use of stnadardized patients in professional preparation physical therapy education: a survey

Ergonomics and cytotechnologists: reported musculoskeletal discomfort

Nursing community case management of diabetes

Norfolk environmental concern survey of 1999-2000 (turning point partnership)

Effect of variable durations of warm-up on the performance of motor tasks

OASIS: Client outcomes after ome health care

Decision making framework for Health Care Managers: A systems approach

This article was posted on: March 16, 2001

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