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The 2006 Old Dominion University Film Festival, "The Last Days of Cinema? The Love of Film in the Age of Digital Media," concludes Saturday with a dazzling photo projection overlay on the university's Pretlow Planetarium night sky, complete with original music from 6-8 p.m. Saturday, April 8. The ecliptic projection constitutes a video installation of photos taken by Peter Eudenbach, lecturer of art, which are overlaid against the moving night sky with music by Gil Sanson of New York City.

The term ecliptic refers to the intersection plane of the Earth's orbit with the celestial sphere, along which the sun appears to move as viewed from the Earth, or the eclipse of a heavenly body.

"How much of the world out there is really out there, and how much is the result of our perceptual projection?" Eudenbach asks. "The planetarium is both the embodiment of this question and perhaps one of the earliest forms of cinema. Ecliptic projection combines digital video projected against the overhead movement of the stars at the celestial still point, the North Star. Also arranged throughout the space among the astronomical models and instruments are some of my sculptures."

The theme of the festival reflects on the role of the cinema today as it raises new questions and offers answers to the query that has been around since the 1960s: "Are these the last days of cinema as we know it?"

More than 30 films in all will be screened during the festival, which will also include panel discussions, speakers and receptions.

All events take place on the Old Dominion campus, except where noted. They are free and open to the public, with the exception of screenings at the Naro Expanded Cinema, where normal admission charges apply. For more information about the festival call 683-3973.

The remaining schedule of events is below.

Friday, April 7
Focus on European Cinema

4 p.m. Enlightenment Guaranteed (2001; 105 minutes) (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)
The director of Men and Nobody Loves Me returns with a witty and humane comedy about two brothers traveling to Japan to visit a Buddhist monastery. When one brother's marriage falls apart, he calls upon the other to join him on a hastily arranged spiritual quest. Shot entirely in digital. In German and Japanese with English subtitles.
Introduction and comments by Susan Wansink, Professor of German, Virginia Wesleyan College.

6:30 p.m. Ten Souls Rising (2005), original short film by director/writer Emily Rosdeitcher (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)
Ten Souls Rising is the story of eight New Yorkers and two French tourists who get stuck in an elevator in a Manhattan skyscraper. Chaos ensues as the passengers have trouble dealing with each other and with their own anxieties.

7 p.m. Cinema Paradiso (1989; 123 minutes) (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)
This crowd-pleasing, Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner is an affectionate salute to the magic of the movies and the individuals who spend their lives in the projection booth. Philippe Noiret stars as Alfredo, the projectionist for a small Sicilian village movie palace, who opens up new worlds for one very inquisitive child. In Italian with English subtitles.
Introduction and comments by Lane Dare, Producer/Announcer 90.3 WHRO.

9:30 p.m. Day for Night (1973; 116 minutes) (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)
The French director Truffaut's love poem to the movies and movie-making features Truffaut playing a director who struggles to complete a film while at the same time handling the emotional problems of staff and crew. Funny and bittersweet, Day for Night provides insights into the movie-making process. Oscar winner for Best Foreign Picture. In French with English subtitles.
Introduction and comments by Konrad Winters, Department of Communications and Theater Arts, Old Dominion University.

Saturday, April 8

10:30 a.m. The Beautiful Country (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)(125 minutes)
This is the story of Binh, who was the love child of a GI and and a Vietnamese woman conceived during the Vietnam War. The film details Binh's voyage as he is forced from his village at 17, goes to Saigon to find his mother, and then tries to escape to America with his much younger half brother, Tam.
Introduction and comments by Tram Tran, Vietnamese Student Group, Old Dominion University.

1 p.m. "The Making of Jerry Night Live" Presentation by Lawrence Zoeller, ODU alumnus. Hosted by David Pagano, Lecturer of English, ODU. (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)

2 p.m. Student Films hosted by Konrad Winters, Department of Communications and Theater Arts, Old Dominion University (Mills Godwin Building, 102, ODU)

6-8 p.m. Closing Event: "Ecliptic Projection: A Video Installation." Conceptual artist Peter Eudenbach uses sculpture, installation, video, and multiples to explore the history of ideas while playing with our expectations of the commonplace. (Pretlow Planetarian, Old Dominion University)
Light refreshments will be served.

This article was posted on: March 6, 2006

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