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2015 International Photography Competition

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Office of International Programs, this annual contest is open to all with an official connection to ODU through membership in one or more of the following categories:

  • ODU Student
  • ODU Faculty/staff (including retirees)
  • ODU Alumni and/or Alumni Association members

You may submit up to 3 original photos taken anywhere outside the United States. Submissions must fit one of the following categories (explained in detail on the official entry form):

  1. Flora and Fauna of the World
  2. Landscapes and Scenes
  3. Lights and Shadows
  4. Local People/Local Customs
  5. Children of the World
  6. Monarch Spirit (This category is only open to ODU Study Abroad Students who have returned from or who are currently abroad.)

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category.

Please submit the Official Entry Form by 5p.m. EST, March 30, 2015

Official Contest Rules 

Entry deadline: 5 p.m. EST, March 30, 2015 

Who can enter this contest?

Entrants must have an official connection with ODU through membership in one or more of the following categories:
� ODU student
� ODU faculty/staff (including retirees)
� ODU alumni and/or Alumni Association members

Entries from professional photographers and individuals involved in planning or judging the contest may be considered for "honorable mention" but are ineligible to win, place or receive major prizes.

What can be entered?

Entries must be accompanied by the Official Entry Form.

Up to 3 photographs per entrant may be entered. Entries must be the original work of the entrant and must be photographs taken outside the United States.  Only digital entries may be submitted.

What formats are acceptable?

Photos may be submitted in digital format only (by email attachment or on USB or compact disk) consistent with the following requirements:

1. Entries must include the original image file. 

2. Entries must be high enough resolution (file size must be at least 1.5 megabytes) to allow us to produce high-quality 16"x20" enlargements for our displays. An image with fewer than 5.0 megapixels (1.5 mb) may not be suitable for a high-quality enlargement. For best results, we recommend using a camera that is capable of capturing images at 5.0 megapixels or better.

3. Only entries submitted by email attachment, on USB or on compact disk are permissible.

How do I submit my entries?

Entries must be in digital format. Please see section titled "What formats are acceptable?" for rules governing entries. All entries must carry include the following information:
1. Title of the work 

2. When the photograph was taken (month, if known, and year) 

3. Where the photograph was taken (city or region AND country) 

4. Proper orientation of the photo (if not obvious) 

5. The complete name of the photographer

6. Maximum 250 character description of each photo

Entries MUST be accompanied by the Official Entry Form fully completed and signed by the entrant.

Winners may be contacted and asked for more information about the winning entries. Such additional background information may be incorporated into such things as contest displays and publications.

How are my entries judged?

Entries will be judged on artistic expression, interpretation of theme, creativity and quality of the image. Judges also reserve the right to consider entries based on geographic and thematic variety as well as relevance to ODU's international mission. All decisions of the judges are final. The competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not conform to the stated contest rules and criteria. Prizes may or may not be awarded in all categories.

Do I retain the copyrights to my work?

Rights are retained by the artist. By signing the entry form and submitting it, however, the artist grants Old Dominion University royalty-free use, including the creation and use of derivative works of all entered photograph(s) in displays and in print and electronic publications. When possible and where appropriate, the artist will be credited.

What is the Model Release Policy?

Entrants should always be sensitive to the privacy of human subjects. In general, photos taken in public places are suitable. However, in cases where the privacy of the individuals pictured may appear to have been infringed upon, winning entrants may be asked to provide model release forms. Such cases would include but are not necessarily limited to ones where the artist appears to have intruded without permission on another's seclusion, making private facts public, or making the viewer believe something that isn't true about the subject. In order to facilitate full display options, artists must be prepared to provide release forms upon request.

Submit entries to:  

International Photography Competition 
c/o Office of International Programs
2006 Dragas Hall
Old Dominion University

49th Street and Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23529

Tel: (757) 683-4419

mailto:oip@odu.edu?subject=International Photography Competition

Entry Deadline:
5 p.m. EST, March 30, 2015 

Official Entry Form 

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