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If you have been admitted to the university as a non-degree student, you are not required to attend orientation. Please revisit our website to register for orientation once you've been admitted as a degree-seeking student. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to get started on the right foot at Old Dominion University.

  1. Create your MIDAS ID, which will allow you to log into your electronic accounts (including your email). You'll need your University Identification Number (UIN) to create it. Go to the MIDAS website and click 'create MIDAS account'. Fill out the information under the Personal Information Validation section.You must read and accept the Acceptable Usage Policy. Make sure to write down your MIDAS ID and password.
  2. Begin checking your email in the myODU portal.
  3. Look over the curriculum for your intended major. If you need clarification on the requirements, you can contact an academic advisor for your major.
  4. You're eligible to register for classes during open registration. Visit the Registrar's website to see open registration dates for the semester of your intended entry. When you're ready to register, visit the myODU Portal and log in with your MIDAS ID and password. Click the Leo Online icon. Click 'registration', 'look up classes to add' and 'select term'. Courses are listed by subject name (ex. ENGL 110 for English 110).
  5. After you've registered for classes, get your student ID at the University Card Center in Webb Center.
  6. Complete the Writing Sample Placement Test (if you need an Engish course; otherwise you can wait until you've been admitted to fulfill this requirement).

Please note: As a non-degree undergraduate:

  • You are limited to 24 total credit hours
  • You are not eligible for financial aid
  • You won't receive transfer credit evaluations