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What determines Math and Foreign Language placement?


Your math placement is determined by your SAT score, ACT score, and transfer credits. You may opt to take the COMPASS math placement test to place higher. A Foreign Language Achievement Test is offered if you'd like to advance to a higher placement in German, French, Spanish, Japanese or Latin. Click here to learn more. 


What determines English placement?


Your English placement is determined by our required Writing Sample Placement Test (WSPT), along with transfer credits, AP/IB credits, and dual enrollment. 


What's the WSPT?


The Writing Sample Placement Test is an essay exam.  Students are expected to write an essay of 400-500 words in response to one of three prompts provided.  The prompts address various experiences students might encounter as they transition from high school to college or transfer from one post-secondary institution to another - generally community college to four-year institution.  The prompts allow students to employ a number of development patterns - i.e., description, narration, comparison, cause/effect, and persuasion.  Proper concerns of format are expected; an essay should have an introduction complete with a clearly stated or implied thesis, body of support, and an appropriate.


Do I have to take the WSPT?


Yes. Every student must take it. ODU places a high value on the ability to think critically and learn through the writing process. This process will be emphasized in your coursework. If you don't have transfer English credit, the WSPT will place you into English 110 (score of 3) or General Studies 050 (score of 1). If you do have transfer credit for ENGL 110C, you won't lose it. However, if you receive a score of 1, you'll meet with an Academic Skills counselor to correct writing deficiencies. You have to retake the WSPT and receive a score of 3 before registering for any writing-intensive course.  


When should I take it?

The test will be available in Blackboard 48 hours after you take the transfer online orientation or make your Preview reservation. The test is hosted in a Blackboard group tha matches your Preview date and/or your choice to complete the online orientation only. Don't take it until you're certain you're attending that date (or only completing the online orientation). If you change your Preview plans, your name will be moved to a different Blackboard group and your ungraded test may be lost.

How can I get it graded before Preview?

Complete the test no later than 12pm three weeks prior to your Preview. If you miss the deadline, you can still attend Preview but you won't have your score. That will impact your registration for writing-intensive classes. However, you can adjust your schedule from home once you receive the grade.  

What if there's a technical problem?


Email preview@odu.edu. Include your name, University ID Number, and a summary of the problem. A staff member will respond to your request as soon as possible.


How do I take the WSPT?


Two business days after you register for Preview (or complete the online orientation), you can take it in Blackboard.


Go to my.odu.edu or click the myODU portal logo from the University's home page.



Enter your MIDAS ID and password and click 'login'.

You're in the myODU portal. Please click the 'Blackboard' link.


Under 'My Courses', click the associated Preview course.



Follow the step-by-step instructions listed on the left-hand side.



How do I check my score? 


Three weeks after you take it, go to my.odu.edu and enter your MIDAS ID and password. Click on Leo Online. Click on 'Student and Financial Aid', 'Student Records', and then 'Test Scores'. The WSPT score will be graded as a 3, 1, or 0. If you're dissatisfied with your score, contact Academic Skills at 757-683-3699 to review your test and schedule to retake it.