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January 2010

SACS Quality Enhancement Plan Topic Chosen


Draft Compliance Certification submitted to Provost's SACS Team

Efforts of eight Compliance Audit Teams, comprised of 75 faculty and staff members, culminated in the submission of draft reports to the Provosts's SACS Team for review on December 15, 2010.  Provost's SACS Team members will review these drafts and provide feedback to the Compliance Audit Teams by January 15, 2011.  A final draft is due to the Provost's SACS team on February 15, 2011, who will prepare the final version of the Compliance Certification by June 1, 2011.

Compliance Audit Teams and Leads:

 Team A: 

 Governance and Administration   

 Dr. Douglas Ziegenfuss

 Team B:

 Institutional Effectiveness

 Dr. Marty Smith Sharpe

 Team C:

 Academic Programs        

 Dr. Robert Wojtowicz  and
 Dr. Rich Whittecar

 Team D:


 Dr. Dick Gregory

Team E: 

 Library and Other Learning Resources

 Dr. Resit Unal and
Ms. Ginny O'Herron

 Team F:

 Student Affairs and Services

 Ms. Renee Olander

 Team G:

 Financial Resources

 Mr. Rick Massey

 Team H:

 Physical Resources

 Ms. Carol Henry