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Faculty Writing Studio brochure


        The goal of Old Dominion University’s (ODU) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Improving Disciplinary Writing (IDW), is “to improve upper-division undergraduate students’ disciplinary writing – that is, writing that demonstrates a reasoning process supported by research and reflection on a problem, topic or issue – through two faculty development and engagement initiatives.” The two faculty initiatives are: (1) Faculty Workshops and (2) Action Projects (internal grants). However, to further improve student as well as their own writing, all ODU faculty are in need of a dedicated, physical space that will allow them to work individually or collaboratively on their own writing research and pedagogy along with developing and honing the best practices highlighted in the IDW Faculty Workshops and Action Projects.

    As a means of supporting the IDW initiatives and faculty needs, the Executive Director for Academic Enhancement (Lisa Mayes) and the Director of Writing and Faculty Development (Remica Bingham-Risher) have created a Faculty Writing Studio housed in room 2017 on the second floor of the Student Success Center. The Faculty Writing Studio in will open in fall 2014. Once the studio space is available, the Director of Writing and Faculty Development will set aside dedicated time to spend in the Faculty Writing Studio to offer one-on-one writing assistance to faculty members and oversee various small-group workshops designed to help faculty with their own research. The Faculty Writing Studio will serve as:

  • an external work space for faculty who are completing writing and research projects
  • a meeting space for faculty interested in working collaboratively on writing or improving disciplinary writing
  • a conference space where faculty can receive one-on-one feedback about their writing and/or writing projects from the Director of Writing and Faculty Development

    In addition to work stations and spaces, the Faculty Writing Studio will include a writing library with resources to assist with various facets of the writing process, developing writing ePortfolios, writing pedagogy and multidisciplinary collaboration.