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Writing Tips

Improving Disciplinary Writing is focused primarily on undergraduate, upper-division courses, including but not limited to writing intensive courses. As such, the faculty who will probably be most interested in the opportunities made available by the QEP are those who want to enhance content learning by implementing proven writing-to-learn techniques. Remember, too, that as students write more to enhance learning, they will become better writers and learners and all of us will benefit. Below, the weekly writing tips sent out to all faculty members are categorized by Student Learning Objective. Due to the fluid nature of the writing process, many of these “write to learn” exercises can be applied to various stages of the writing process.

Student Learning Objective 1 - Choosing Topics

Student Learning Objective 2 - Sources & Relevant Knowledge

Student Learning Objective 3 - Synthesis

Student Learning Objective 4 - Research, Framework, Genre

Student Learning Objective 5 - Formulating Conclusions

Student Learning Objective 6 - Reflection