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QEP Status Report

QEP Progress

QEP topic ideas were solicited beginning with President John Broderick's State of the University address on August 24, 2010. Topics were generated via surveys to faculty, administrators and staff, employers, student leaders and students on Main Street, and survey links were sent to parents, alumni and college advisory boards. Topic Idea Forms were distributed widely through e-mail and meetings in every college. We made presentations to the President's and Provost's retreats and the student leadership organizations, and sponsored luncheons, ice cream or wine and cheese socials in every college.

The primary question asked of everyone was: In what area of student learning should ODU invest over five years? We received 976 surveys and 51 Topic Idea Forms. Together these identified a number of thematic areas that we discussed at the QEP Forum on September 24th:

  • Critical/Analytical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Writing/Written Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning/Math/Money and Financial Literacy
  • Oral Communication/Public Speaking/Interpersonal communication/Professional Presentation
  • Information/Technological/Media Literacy
  • Student Research
  • Strategies for Achieving Student Learning Objectives: Labs, Recitations, Learning Communities & More
  • Other: Ethics, Diversity, International/Global, Student Success, Life Skills, etc.

The QEP Committee reviewed all of the comments written in the surveys as well as the Topic Idea Forms and the notes generated from the Forum to identify the most frequently mentioned or developed themes. We solicited mini-proposals from 15 people on seven topics:

  • Student Research
  • Oral Communication/Public Speaking/Interpersonal and Professional Presentation
  • Quantitative Reasoning/Math/Financial Literacy
  • Technological/Information/Media Literacy
  • Writing/Written Communication
  • Critical/Analytical Thinking
  • Scientific Reasoning/Analytical Thinking

Nine mini-proposals were submitted. From these we identified two broad themes and invited a team of those who submitted relevant mini-proposals to work together on a full proposal. The two full proposals are tentatively titled:

  • Navigating the Technological Landscape
  • Reasoning through Writing and Research

The QEP Committee will review the full proposals and submit a recommendation to the University President's Cabinet; one proposal will be selected as the QEP. Once the QEP topic is determined, a QEP Development Team will be formed to fully develop the plan that will be submitted to SACS. We will hold another QEP Forum in January 2011 to announce and explain the QEP Topic and solicit more ideas about how to make it a reality.