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Academic and Administrative Support: Technology, Facilities, Resources

Themes and Considerations:  Focus:   What do we well and what should we improve upon?

Instructional and research support 
Administrative support: to academic departments; admission, registration, financial aid, finance, and other
Technology and communications infrastructure
Facilities master plan/process and space utilization
Traditional resource bases and alternative funding initiatives                       

Academic and Administrative Support: Technology, Facilities, Resources Committee Members

CHAIR   Bruce Rubin

BPA - Finance Department

Osman Akan 
Greg Cutter 
Dale Feltes 
Rick Fisher 
Ken Fitzgerald 
Morel Fry 
Ed Gomez
Paula Jamison
David Kozoyed
Lucien Lombardo 
Judy Luedtke 
Bob Norman 
Mary Notarianni
September Sanderlin 

College of Engineering & Technology
Science - Ocean, Earth, Atmosp. Science
Finance Office
Arts & Letters -  Art
Education  ECI
Classroom Central
Computer Center
Arts & Letters Sociology
University College
Peninsula Higher Education Center
Health Sciences -  Nursing
Human Resources

TASK FORCE REP- Andy Casiello 

Academic Tech Services