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Campus Life

Themes and Considerations:  Focus:  How can campus life be enhanced for faculty, students and staff?  What aspects should have priority?

Relationship of student life to the academic/educational mission
Quality of university life: Faculty, staff and students
Diversity of faculty, staff and students
Impact of expanded athletics programs on campus life
Residential campus - Quality of residence life for all student groups
Secure and safe Campus                                                                                    

Campus Life Committee Members

CHAIR   Don Stansberry  

Student Affairs

Judy Bowman  
Sandra Breeden
Lesa Clark 
Beth Esinhart    
Maura Hametz
March Huckless  
Nicole Kiger  
Gwen Lee-Thomas
Birju Ransariya  
Janis Sanchez-Hucles 
Daniel Sanford  
Bruce Stewart  
Debbie White  
Kathy Williamson      

Academic Affairs
Health Sciences
Intercultural Relations
Arts & Letters - Interdiciplinary Studies
Arta & Letters -  History
Student Activities and Leadership
Education - Leadership & Counseling
Indian Student Assoc President
Science - Psychology
Human Resources

TASK FORCE REP   Worth Pickering

Institutional Research & Assessment