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Community Engagement

Themes and Considerations: Focus: How do the University's Mission and Operations optimize community engagement in the following areas?  How should it in the future?

Leveraging and partnerships with educational, governmental, and corporate institutions
Involving University faculty and staff in the community
Non-credit and continuing education offerings; what should be the role of distance learning in these areas?
Town and Gown relationships
Public Relations
Service learning for students
Higher Education Centers as a means of community engagement                

Community Engagement Committee Members

CHAIR         Anita Friedman


Bridget Anderson
Holly Gaff
Ann Grandy
Scott Harrison
Renee Olander
Shayla Prince
Greg Selby
Karen Smallets
Cindy Tomovic
Karen Travis
Cecelia Tucker
Dick Whalen
Barbara Winstead

Arts & Letters - English
Health Sciences - Modeling & Simulation Research
Community Development
Student Affairs
Virginia Beach Higher Ed. Center
Education - Marketing
Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
University Publications
Ed - OTS
Institutional Advancement
Community Relations
Military Liaison
Science Psychology

TASK FORCE REP.   Alice McAdory

Enrollment Management