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Faculty Development and Resources

Themes and Considerations:  Focus:  How do we ensure that ODU make optimum use of its faculty resources?

Faculty Expertise - Pillars of Excellence
Instructional Delivery: Face to face and technology
Pedagogy: Types of Instruction and
Structure of the Faculty, Types, Functions, and joint appointments
Faculty Development
             Helping faculty to best use existing and new technologies in instruction and research
             Understanding our students                                     

Faculty Development and Resources Committee Members

CHAIR    Elaine Justice

Science -  Psychology

M'hammed Abdous  
Janet Brunelle  
Leigh Butler  
David Chase  
Stephen Daniel 
Wes Lewis  
Joyce Neff  
Chris Osgood  
Linda Pond   
Carolyn Rutledge 
Cynthia Swaine  
Wayne Talley  

Center for Learning Technologies
Science -  Computer Science
Education -  Teacher Education Services
Military Program
Institutional Advancement Public Relations
Engineering -  Engineering Technology
Arts & Letters -  English
Science - Biology/ Associate Dean
Education - Curr. & Inst.
Health Sciences -  Nursing
Library Public Services
BPA - Economics      

TASK FORCE REP    Marty Sharpe

Institutional Research & Assessment